Relieve Stress With This Eastern Healing Practice

If you’re interested in meditation or other Eastern healing traditions, you may have heard of reiki, a Japanese practice born out of concepts and beliefs that date back hundreds of years. Today, it is used by alternative medicine practitioners to relieve stress and minimise fatigue. Whether you’re just reading to satiate your curiosity or you’re considering trying it out for yourself, here’s what reiki is all about.

The Philosophy of Reiki

A very simple explanation of reiki can be found right in the translation of its name: rei is the Japanese word for “spirit,” and ki is best translated as “life force” (it’s the same concept as the more famous Chinese chi). Reiki was born out of the belief that we have invisible energy forces around us and within us, and that sickness is a result of our life force being altered or disrupted. Practitioners also believe that certain people, through innate ability or training, are sensitive enough to feel and control this energy; these are the people who are able to perform reiki healing.

How It Works

Treatments themselves can be thought of as a kind of massage—but one that involves very little touching, or even none at all. Healers are allegedly able to channel ki into the body of their patients, drawing from the energy around them, to “rebalance” their spiritual life force. Either by applying a light touch or by hovering the hands over the patient’s body, healers transfer this spiritual energy.

The energy field postulated by the philosophy of reiki cannot be measured with scientific instruments (at least not any currently invented), so bear in mind that there is no way to prove its existence. That said, thousands of people have reported positive results from reiki treatments, so the lack of hard facts doesn’t mean you should discount it entirely. In fact, belief seems to be a requirement for treatments to be effective, as it is claimed that disbelief can block the healing energy.

What Is Reiki Used For?

Although some claim that reiki can influence “big” diseases like cancer or heart problems, the vast majority don’t go this far. In light of that, it should be thought of as similar to meditation: a spiritual practice that can help you attain inner peace, relieve stress, and renew your mind. Especially if you find a healer that you trust and connect with, reiki can be very useful as a form of mental therapy. If you would prefer to do it on your own, you can take a reiki course to teach yourself the basics, then perform it on yourself or your loved ones.

Ultimately, reiki may not appeal to everyone, but if you’re interested in exploring your spirituality and possibly unfolding a completely new dimension of life, it can’t hurt to give it a try.

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Be Your Best ‘You’!

Many people hope to reach their self-actualization level in life before they bid this world goodbye. We admire the most successful people and tend to think that they achieved this in a day. But this is a big no! It takes patience and hard work. I will demonstrate eight (8) tips on how you can be that best person you have always dreamed of. 1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. To improve yourself worth, always believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in what you can achieve, then nobody else will. Keep your dreams alive and real. Never be scared of dreaming big. Actually, if your dreams do not scare you, then they are too little. Keep working towards them. Remind yourself of what you want to achieve when an obstacle comes your way. Hold your head high and don’t listen to the negativity from the pessimists. Soon you will be glad that you believed in yourself. 2. Gain Inspiration From Other People. The world is not an island. We need each other to improve our well-being. It is crucial to have role models that we aspire to be like. From them, we borrow great lessons and inspirations. You do not have to copy necessarily everything they do. Borrow what seems helpful and leave what is not. Remain true to yourself and practice what seems important to you. Never despise people in life. There is always something to learn from each one of them. If you don’t agree with them, remain positive and correct them if you can. 3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. If you want to be that best person in your lifetime, then it’s time you add the term ‘Risks’ in your life dictionary. To make it in life you have to wake up from your comfort zone and take the life risks by the horns. Risking means taking up new challenges and being ready to conquer them. As you try new things, it is very crucial to tell yourself that you can. If you don’t believe that you will make it, then you will undoubtedly fail. 4. Say Goodbye To Procrastination. It is always said that time is money, and I agree with this phrase 100%. Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried. This just explains why many end up losing a lifetime opportunity for not putting the time factor into consideration. Always learn to do what can be done today and never push it to a later date. If you have to do something, do it today. 5. Keep Practicing. Practice practice makes perfect. To be a better person and improve your skills practice is paramount. Nobody turns out perfect overnight. It is a process that requires practice. Keep redoing what you want to turn out great and with time you will be glad that you never gave up. 6. Discover Yourself. It is funny how many people do not know who they actually are. To be that best person you wish to be in life, it is important to discover who you really are. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Dig deep to understand your hidden talents. Work on them and improve them daily. With time, you will be shocked how close you are to be the person you always wished to be. 7. Be POSITIVE! There is nothing that kills an individual fast than being a pessimist. Be positive in life and to everyone around you. This not only ensures that your heart remains clean but also improves your relationship with others. Just keep off all negativity and your life will shine all the way. 8. Learn To Let Go. Life has a thousand lessons to teach us. Sometimes you will be that bubbly being full of excitement while on other dull moments you will be so sad and hurt. To keep keeping on, always learn to let go. Try and forgive those who hurt you but never forget the lessons you learn from these moments. Never make your heart a bank of all the low moments and hatred. Let go and let your life go on. Many more lessons will be waiting for you. Just keep calm. Life is all about being positive, appreciate what you have, spread love to those around you and keep smiling. Your actualization level is just too close than you can imagine. Be thankful for every day and cherish the people you love all around you….Now, be the best person you can be! Stay happy!