Being Successful In Life

If you’re looking to become the amazing person you were meant to be, you’ve come to the right place! When parts of your life are growing, changing, or simply not working, have you ever thought that it’s actually an invitation to grow and become more of who you really are?

It is important during this time to nurture your relationships with your body, emotions, spirit, and creativity. When you decide to deepen and strengthen your relationships – and dare to take that first step in embracing them – there’s more wellness in every part of their lives. More health. More joy. More of the things they want to have happen actually do start happening.

So, how do you make it happen?

Possession. Invest some time in what is around you. In truth, nothing belongs to you. It is all manifest from Divinity/The Field/Spirit. You are temporary custodian of everything, including your body. This can make it easier to step away from ego, which loves attachment and ‘belonging’. You realize it is about flow than about the acquisition of something – because anything material that you acquire will not be forever.

Gratitude. Notice that both the energy and blood will flow in your body – ‘flow’ is inherent in all nature. Realize that everything – including us, our children, and everything we own – is on its way to something and somewhere. So be grateful for all that is – because it may not always be there, be grateful for all you are and have ever been, and be grateful for all that will pass its way into your life.

Abundance. Unlimited abundance is also referred to as flow. You do not need to own something to be amidst abundance. You can be in an ocean and experience the delightful joy of nature and abundance, and yet not need to own any of it. It is the same. Realize you do not need to ‘own’ (although you can be in possession of it) it all, but yet for the rest of your life you can experience beyond believable, breathtaking, amazing abundance and trappings, whether in material form, love, joy and other deeply desired ways you want to experience your life.

You are connected to it all. When you embrace that sense of interconnectedness you open the portals for it to more easily enter your life. Take this information and open your heart and mind to receive the abundance it has to offer.

By Samantha Knowles

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