How to Solve Problem thru Affirmation and Positive Thinking

We all have the inner power to solve problems. Problem solving is often resolved through the critical thinking process. The mind must take action however to solve these problems and must have some encouragement from you. By developing the critical thinking skills, one can cutback on time spent in solving problems.

The mind struggles when you fail to develop such skills. A developed critical thinker does not always go through the seven-step program that the mind goes through to find answers to solve problems. Instead, the critical developed mind will naturally find solutions to solve problems in fewer steps.

The mind goes through seven actions that help one to take charge of his or her life. The mind has a collective body of language and mechanics that helps us to better understand our problems. For instance, one can use knowledge to focus on finding conclusions to answer various questions. The mind helps us by allowing one to examine the cause and effects. Making a connection to cause and effect often helps one stay focused and in charge of his or her life.

Throughout this development process, one cultivates a broader viewpoint. The process builds self-assurance and awareness. During the self-development process, one can become skilful at self-evaluation where significant deliberation is given to each question. We all face many problems each day. We have the challenges from daily living, whereas sometimes it is difficult to manage our tasks because of overloads of stress. Sometimes we go through unexpected changes that seem to make the problems worse. The problems should help us to see that we need to find solutions by using one’s critical skills. When one does not use critical thinking skills to solve problems, they complications usually get worse. When one follows the steps of critical thinking, it helps them to find the best solutions for solving problems.

We can use imagination to create plans for solving problems. Using visualizations one can increase the volume of potential solutions. The mind will generate these options, break them down and help you to analyze the best way to solve the problems.

The first step is to classify the problem. Once you identify with the problem, you can visualize spotting the facts. Use your recall skills to discover details that help you put the problem in order. Try to define your problem precisely while you focus on the cause. Do not focus on the effect at this point. Often we must state the problem.

For instance, if someone is hungry you could give them some food, or you could teach that person skills to help them get their own food. One might that hunger is the real problem here, but if you use your critical thinking skills you will see that this person’s real problem is, is that he or she lacks knowledge. Thus, obviously this one is underdeveloped. Moreover, he or she has not cultivated skills that help him or her earn enough income to survive.

Developing your critical thinking abilities is essential. Try to visualize in your mind what it takes to develop your critical thinking skills. What essential steps and structure should you follow to build effective critical thinking skills? Did you know that most of the people in the world with unrelenting problems haven not found their purpose in life. This means the first step is to encourage your mind to find a purpose. The purpose allows the mind to use relevant question asking processes to find solutions. You get a richer meaning when you find your purpose. Learn some other steps in problem solving by using the critical mind in order.

10 Habits Highly Successful People

We have all read about people who are successful briefly. They win a gold medal, make a fortune, or star in one great movie…and then disappear. Or, there are those like Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes who achieve extraordinary success, at the cost of their own lives. These examples do not inspire me!

My focus and fascination is with people who seem to do well in many areas of life, and do it over and over through a lifetime. In entertainment, I think of Paul Newman and Bill Cosby. In business, I think of Ben and Jerry (the ice cream moguls), and a local hardware store owner who is famous for the money he’s give to children’s charities. As a Naval Officer, husband, businessman, politician and now as a mediator and philanthropist on the world stage, Jimmy Carter has had a remarkable life. We all know examples of people who go from one success to another.

These are the people who inspire me! I’ve studied them, and I’ve noticed they have the following traits in common:

1. They work hard! Yes, they play hard, too! They get up early, they rarely complain, they expect performance from others, but they expect extraordinary performance from themselves. Repeated, high-level success starts with a recognition that hard work pays off.

2. They are incredibly curious and eager to learn. They study, ask questions and read – constantly! An interesting point, however: While most of them did well in school, the difference is that they apply or take advantage of what they learn. Repeated success is not about memorizing facts, it’s about being able to take information and create, build, or apply it in new and important ways. Successful people want to learn everything about everything!

3. They network. They know lots of people, and they know lots of different kinds of people. They listen to friends, neighbors, co-workers and bartenders. They don’t have to be “the life of the party”, in fact many are quiet, even shy, but they value people and they value relationships. Successful people have a rolodex full of people who value their friendship and return their calls.

4. They work on themselves and never quit! While the “over-night wonders” become arrogant and quickly disappear, really successful people work on their personality, their leadership skills, management skills, and every other detail of life. When a relationship or business deal goes sour, they assume they can learn from it and they expect to do better next time. Successful people don’t tolerate flaws; they fix them!

5. They are extraordinarily creative. They go around asking, “Why not?” They see new combinations, new possibilities, new opportunities and challenges where others see problems or limitations. They wake up in the middle of the night yelling, “I’ve got it!” They ask for advice, try things out, consult experts and amateurs, always looking for a better, faster, cheaper solution. Successful people create stuff!

6. They are self-reliant and take responsibility. Incredibly successful people don’t worry about blame, and they don’t waste time complaining. They make decisions and move on. Sometimes they are criticized for taking this to extremes – Jimmy Carter carried his own briefcase and a President “shouldn’t” do that! Extremely successful people take the initiative and accept the responsibilities of success.

7. They are usually relaxed and keep their perspective. Even in times of stress or turmoil, highly successful people keep their balance, they know the value of timing, humor, and patience. They rarely panic or make decisions on impulse. Unusually successful people breath easily, ask the right questions, and make sound decisions, even in a crisis.

8. Extremely successful people live in the present moment. They know that “Now” is the only time they can control. They have a “gift” for looking people in the eye, listening to what is being said, enjoying a meal or fine wine, music or playing with a child. They never seem rushed, and they get a lot done! They take full advantage of each day. Successful people don’t waste time, they use it!

9. They “look over the horizon” to see the future. They observe trends, notice changes, see shifts, and hear the nuances that others miss. A basketball player wearing Nikes is trivial, the neighbor kid wearing them is interesting, your own teenager demanding them is an investment opportunity! Extremely successful people live in the present, with one eye on the future!

10. Repeatedly successful people respond instantly! When an investment isn’t working out, they sell. When they see an opportunity, they make the call. If an important relationship is cooling down, they take time to renew it. When technology or a new competitor or a change in the economic situation requires an adjustment, they are the first and quickest to respond.

These traits work together in combination, giving repeatedly successful people a huge advantage. Because they are insatiable learners, they can respond wisely to change. Because their personal relationships are strong, they have good advisors, and a reserve of goodwill when things go bad. And finally, none of these traits are genetic! They can be learned! They are free and they are skills you can use. Start now!

How to have the effortless courage when it is time to quit your job

All your fears in life are created by your past experiences which have created negative memories. These fears steer you away from risks and from facing life with zest.

Did you know that most people that hate their job have been programmed to unconsciously choose a job they hate? They have been programmed to believe that their choices are good; as they make these choices unconsciously.

Many people who find themselves stuck in a job with countless fears to leave, are stuck in the limitations of internal pain. What are the unconscious drivers that cause someone to stay dependent on a job that they hate? And what can you do about it?

If you:
1. Have a fear of being independent
2. Have a fear of losing financial stability
3. Engage in procrastination
4. Have a fear of making decisions and taking responsibility
5. Have a fear of failure
6. Believe that you can’t truly succeed

Then you have a significant programming problem and conditioning stifling your creativity. This is causing you to navigate towards unconscious choices which are not in your best interest. How does that make you feel to know that your free will to create and have the life you desire has been taken away by an internal program? This is driving you to make unfulfilling life choices, and will continue to plague your life taking away joy, happiness and the hopes to enjoy your life.

The items above result from old dysfunctional programming, derived from cultural standards of “old ways” of thinking; lack of parental education; peer pressure and social standards which supposedly make you happy and set you up for life. In your family of origin (the memories of which remain firmly stored in your subconscious mind much like a computer software), the above list of unconscious fears and blocks shouldn’t actually be inside of you. The sad thing is that most believe it is part of being human to have these things inside of us, which is part of the problem as to why we keep them inside.
Most people don’t realise that this programming (also referred to as “conditioning” by some) has a powerful influence on one’s self-confidence, sense of adequacy, self image, wholeness and resilience.
Let me employ a simple and familiar metaphor which will put this into perspective. Whenever a computer becomes infected with a disabling virus, it is possible to restore the computer to a state that preceded the existence of that virus. After which, from the perspective of this computer and that of the users, the experience would be as if there never was any virus.

As for the things mentioned above which are taking control of your mind, slowing down your internal process and generating either negative feelings or resisting you from your goals and objectives; can you succeed without them? Of course!

Well, what if it were possible for people carrying negative debilitating memories (which behave much like viruses, making the wounds deeper with fears) to “restore” themselves to a state before these memories where formed. What would that person be like, when the negative doesn’t even exist? The answer is, they will have actually lost the understanding of what “failure” actually means.
Why is that, you ask?

Because the “idea” of failure and the associated feelings, only originate from an experience that is defined, perceived, and accepted as a failure by others. In other words an individual must literally be “hypnotised” into taking in this negative concept by others around them. This most commonly occurs in childhood when, as a child, one is dependent, vulnerable and hence easily hypnotised by the adults around them.

As an adult once they become “uninfected” through the effective deletion of the negative memory experience, they will actually feel confident, strong, empowered, resilient, whole, complete and good about themselves. Not only that, but because the memory is now gone for good, the above experience becomes permanent.

Over a decade ago, whilst exploring how and why negative memories remain stored in the mind/body (i.e. the subconscious mind) it was discovered that

1. These memories behave as ‘Life Force Energy parasites’ in that they deplete one’s vital life energy and;
2. That these ‘parasites’ could be permanently and completely erased simply by making one conscious to the series of lies about how they supposedly serve us.
As simple as this process appears, its effects are equally powerful and profound. Indeed many individuals who have restored themselves to their unadulterated authentic state of being have realised that this state also represents a form of spiritually unshakeable confidence residing permanently within them and a will to bounce back through adversities.

If you are one who wants to break free and work for yourself to better support your lifestyle, but do not understand what is holding you back; a new process called the Mind Resonance Process can help you. After working with hundreds of people and experiencing it myself, I have yet to feel any other self-development modality do such a thing.

If you are interested in seeing this for yourself and want to take full control of your choices; contact me via the link below where you can request a complimentary 1 hour phone/Skype coaching session to explore the permanent removal of one of the above fears, in whichever situation you are currently in.

By Felicity Muscat
About the Author
Felicity Muscat is the Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery which was created to help others fulfil the truest, highest, and most authentic expression of themselves in all areas of life.
If you have tried other approaches that have failed and are ready for change, request a complimentary introductory phone/Skype coaching consultation to help you get started on your journey back to your peak performing empowered and alive self today. To learn more and explore others’ success stories, download Felicity’s eBooks.Felicity Muscat, former psychologist is now an international self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-mastery life coach. Felicity is also a relationship and success coach, author of three best-selling books and Level 3 mind resonance coach.

Benefits Positive Thinking

Feel the Impact On Your Health and wellness

The initial situation to take into consideration is the relationship in between ideas and problems like misery and tension. A crucial question is whether the individual’s ideas are making the bodily depression or the bodily misery is producing the negative thinking. When it involves how you can use your mind to help, this can be achieved purposely and unconsciously.

Use Your Subconscious Mind

When somebody has a practice of envisioning things ending up very severely, reasonable reasoning can show reveal them that they often overemphasize. Nonetheless, the subconscious thoughts is a lot more effective in shaping our regular habits, oftentimes past our conscious command. Visualization and hypnosis can be very effective in customizing ideas and, if you do this, the resilient effects can be more powerful compared to utilizing logic just

Hopefulness is a Great Tool

.It is likewise true that hopefulness  can have an affect on our bodily health, and you might recognize the placebo result on people that feel ill. This is when individuals are provided a medicine which in reality does not have any type of recovery value, and yet they claim to see a renovation in how they feel. This is proof of the connection in between thoughts and body, and there are many people examples of males and females with a positive mindset having the ability to recuperate a lot faster from malady and trauma.

Power of Your Mind

You could likewise utilize the power of your mind to assist you in attaining your physical fitness goals. A historic instance of this is when the 4 min barrier for running the mile was damaged, which had been taken into consideration as unreachable approximately that point. Once the “obstacle” had been cracked, various other runners additionally began to appear what had actually actually been an obstacle of belief.

Observe the Perks of a Positive Mindset.

The effects old are furthermore affected by how we think about the procedure. As you get older, do you talk to your friends regarding your “aches and pains” and your stressed capabilities? It appears there’s a large amount of fact to the pointing out, “You’re just as traditional as you think you are,” and our thoughts could be utilized to undo a lot of the so-called impacts mature. Regrettably, numerous individuals will certainly continuously hang on to regarding the inevitable “decrease” of health and wellness in advancing years, and not observe the perks of a positive mindset.

You Can Do It 

Now that you understand that your attitude can deliver you a considerably better state of health, it depends on you to capitalize on this info and establish your purpose to think positive ideas whenever you keep in mind.