Live an Inspirational Life

Have you ever gotten inspired by reading a story about someone who overcame great obstacles in order to achieve their goal? What if you can make your life one that would inspire and motivate the people who knew about it? What if you could write your own motivational story? Well guess what? Whether or not your life will be one that will inspire someone, you are writing it right now.

There is just something magical that happens when someone is able to obtain the life of their dreams. We all had dreams when we were kids but because of one thing or another, as we grew up, those dreams started to fade away. We became stuck in the illusion of everyday life.

This illusion makes us believe that life is meant to be ordinary. We were meant to work at jobs we don’t like because after all, that is why they call it work. So we start to settle for what we can get instead of go after what we really want. We lose ourselves to the daily grind of life.

So what do these people in these inspirational stories do differently than the rest of us? They never lose sight of their dreams. Challenges are part of life. That’s a fact that we just have to face. It isn’t something that we will ever get rid of. In fact, if you want to live an inspirational life, you must have challenges. The bigger the challenges you have to face, the better.

If you read a story about someone who had to overcome some simple irritation to reach his goal, would that inspire you? Wouldn’t you be more inspired by someone who had to overcome challenges that would bring most people to their knees? Think about the stories you’ve read or the movies you’ve seen where the main plot of a hero defeating the bad guy to get the prize. If you ever noticed, the stronger the bad guy was, the stronger our hero had to become, and the more inspiring the moment was when our hero finally defeated the bad guy. Now if the bad guy was some puny weakling, then you’re really just watching a comedy, aren’t you?

You see, since you are writing your story as the days go by, in order to make it an inspirational one, you must take on those challenges that prevent you from living the life of your dreams. Your courage and determination can one day change the life of someone else. I think it’s incredible when someone accomplishes a goal where they had to overcome such great adversity and when I read stories about those people, it inspires me to continue going for my own dreams and gives me hope that it’s possible.

So, what kind of story will your life turn out to be?

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Love Life. Do Good. Live Well.

by Kevin Ngo

What Creates Self-Esteem?

We all want to feel good about ourselves but many of us go about this in the ways that will never create self-esteem.

Do you believe that you will have high self-esteem when:

• You make a lot of money?

• You achieve a high position in your work?

• You have an expensive car or an expensive home?

• You are famous?

• You find the right relationship?

• You receive approval from the important people in your life?

While all of these can result in momentary good feelings, none of them create a deep and abiding sense of self-esteem.

Self-esteem actually has nothing to do with your achievements or with other people. Self-esteem results from two things regarding your inner relationship with yourself:

• How you see yourself

• How you treat yourself

Richard, a client of mine, is a very successful businessman. He is wealthy, lives is a big house, has expensive cars, a lovely wife and three children. But Richard consulted with me because of his low self-esteem. He was perplexed that he continued to feel so inadequate in spite of all that he had achieved and all that he had.

As we worked together, it became apparent that, no matter what the outer truth was, Richard continued to see himself as the inadequate child his father told him he was. His inner dialogue was often self-critical, just as his father had been with him. And not only did Richard constantly judge himself as his father had judged him, he treated himself as his father had treated him – ignoring his own feelings and needs. As a result, Richard was always looking to others for the attention and approval that he didn’t receive from his father and was not giving to himself. Instead of being a loving parent to the child within him, he was a harsh and inattentive inner parent.

Jackie, another client of mine, is a very successful actress. Yet fame and fortune have not given her self-esteem. No matter how many people tell her how beautiful and talented she is, she still feels inadequate and insecure most of the time. This is because, on the inner level, Jackie is constantly telling herself that she is stupid. “How could I have made that stupid remark!” “How could I have acted so stupid?” Mirroring her mother’s own self-judgments and her judgments toward Jackie, she is constantly putting herself down. Until Jackie learns to see herself through eyes of truth rather than eyes of judgment, she will continue to feel inadequate and insecure.

It might make it easier to see how you create your own high or low self-esteem if you think of your feeling self as a child within. No matter how much you achieve or how much approval you get from others, if you are treating your inner child badly – by ignoring your feelings and judging yourself – you will continue to feel inadequate. If you continue to see yourself through the distorted eyes of your parents, siblings, peers or teachers, and continue to treat yourself the way they treated you or the way they treated themselves, you will continue to have low self-esteem. If you open to seeing the truth of who you really are – a beautiful divine soul who just wants to love – then you will treat yourself as you would treat anyone whom you saw as a beautiful divine soul. When you take loving action in your own behalf, you will feel valued rather than inadequate. Loving actions might include:

• Speaking up for yourself with others and telling your truth without blame or judgment in conflict situations.

• Taking care of your body through eating well, getting enough exercise, enough sleep, and so on.

• Creating a balance between work, rest, play and creative time.

• Treating yourself and others with respect and compassion rather than with judgment.

• Attending to – rather than ignoring – your own feelings and needs.

• Taking the time to pray and meditate.

• Choosing to notice your thoughts and practicing inner self-discipline regarding your thoughts.

When taking loving action in your own behalf replaces your inattentive and judgmental behavior toward yourself, you will feel high self-esteem.

How to Get Back on Track After a Failure

Falling short of expectations is never fun. Even when we work hard, it just wasn’t good enough. Whether we place 2nd or 26th, it’s still not a good feeling. The most successful people don’t look at failure as a dead-end. Rather, they consider the situation a learning opportunity, and commit to making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Of course, for individuals who are constantly competing, failure is bound to happen from time-to-time. The flip side holds true as well … the more one tries, the more times one will succeed.

Rejection after Job Interview

We’ve all had a job interview where we failed to advance. In some cases, we made it to the last two candidates standing, but received the unfortunate “you are the runner-up” phone call. If the job was important to our career, we are going to be unhappy, dejected, and cautious about any future interviews.

The top-notch people take a different approach altogether. While they’re unhappy about the bad news, they look for ways to make a better impression at the next interview. I recommend that we use this opportunity to be introspective. Let’s take the time to consider why we failed to earn the position. Were we unprepared for questions that were asked? Did we lack confidence? Did we project arrogance? In some cases, though, the cards were stacked against us, and there was little we could do to be selected. The other candidate was running on the inside lane because he was well-liked by several executives. Regardless of the circumstances, we must do whatever possible to address issues that we can control.

Failing an Important Professional Certification Exam

In my work as a corporate trainer, I prepare students to take tough professional exams, such as the PMP®, Agile Scrum, and ITIL® Foundations v3. For the PMP from the Project Management Institute (PMI), students will often invest up 100 hours of study time. The exam consists of 200 questions, and many of them are situational in nature. Even when well-prepared for the exam, many students report that the exam was grueling.

Unfortunately, not all students will pass the PMP® exam on the first try. I knew of one individual who fell short of the passing grade, and he stated the following: “This exam is not for me. There’s no way I will ever pass it … so I’m not going to try anymore!” From my interactions with this student, I was confident that he could pass it, but he needed to have the motivation to study and learn the material.

I know another individual who failed the PMP exam, and he called me for advice. Near the end of the call, she noted: “Dr. Flores, I was discouraged with the results, but I’m not going to quit. After thinking through my test experience, I have a clear idea how to prepare for the re-take.” Two weeks later, this student called to inform me that she was a brand new PMP! The people who are unwilling to accept defeat will eventually realize success. It’s only a matter of time.

We should look at failure as part of being competitive. It will hurt to fall short of our goal, to be sure. However, once we accept the situation, and figure out how to resolve it, we can give it another try. The lesson here is that perseverance is often the answer to earning what we want from life.

Dr. Jimmie Flores

By Dr. Jimmie Flores

Health Benefits of Pears

Pears are rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fiber.
Lets see why we should consume pears

health benefits of consuming pears

Weight loss
Pears are rich in fiber.Fruits and, high in fiber help make you feel full longer and are also low in calories. Increased fiber intakes help in weight loss for obese individuals.

Cardiovascular disease plus cholesterol control
Pears are very rich in fiber.Increased fiber intakes help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A review of 67 separate trials found that even a modest 10-gram per day increase in fiber intake can reduce LDL and total cholesterol.
Dietary fiber even plays a role in regulating the immune system and inflammation, consequently decreased the risk of inflammation-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

pears have some of the highest fiber levels .A high fiber diet keeps blood sugar stable. Lowers the risk of developing diabetes
The National Institute of Medicine recommended after several large studies,that diets with 14 grams fiber for every 1000 calories were associated with significant reductions in the risk of both coronary
heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Low Calorie: pears are one of the lowest calorie fruits; an average pear has just over 100 calories, which is 5% of daily calorie allowance of a healthy diet. other nutritions are immense, and the fiber makes you feel full. It helps lose weight and ensures low calorie intake.
Antioxidant benefit: Pears are rich in antioxidants that combat various diseases. Antioxidants work to eliminate the free radicals that accumulate in the body following cellular metabolism. These free radicals mutate healthy cell DNA into cancerous cells. antioxidant components of vitamin C, vitamin A, and flavonoid compounds like beta-carotene, lutein, and zea-xanthin, all are found in pears.

Immune System : antioxidants and vitamin-C has long been known to benefit the immune system, as it stimulates white blood cell production and activity. Traditionally, fruits like pears have been suggested to eliminate conditions like the common cold, the flu, or various other illnesses .

Tissue Repair: Vitamin C is also an essential part of synthesizing new tissue in various organs and cellular structures of the body. this helps in proper metabolism. wound healing is sped up with high levels of ascorbic acid, small injuries, cuts, and damage can be fixed faster if you add high levels of this essential nutrient to your diet, which pears do provide. It also helps to repair damaged blood vessels.

Blood Circulation: Pear being rich in iron and copper is helpful to patients that suffer from anemia or other mineral deficiencies. Copper facilitates and improves the uptake of minerals into the system, and increased levels of iron mean that red blood cell synthesis increases. Iron is an important part of hemoglobin and anemia is another name for iron deficiency. Pears can prevent fatigue, cognitive malfunction, muscle weakness, and organ system malfunction .

Anti inflammatory benefit: The antioxidant and flavonoid components of pears can help protect against inflammation and reduce the pain associated with it. This includes arthritis, rheumatic conditions, gout, and similar conditions.

Bone Health: The mineral content of pears like magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, and copper all help reduce bone mineral loss and also osteoporosis and general weakness of the body due to weak bones .they ensure healthy strong bones.

Anti aging: One of the most versatile vitamins in the human body is Vitamin A. Pears are high in vitamin A, and its subsequent components, like lutein and zea-xanthin. They act as antioxidant also participate in a number of enzymatic reactions and organ functions, pears can reduce the effects of aging on the skin, like wrinkles and age spots.

Skin and Hair: Pears are used as hair products mainly because they nourish the hair well. It contains vitamin E which is essential to make the hair glossy and healthy. It deep conditions the hair providing it maximum nourishment thus keeps it healthy. : Pears is very good moisturizer. Pears are equally good for oily as well as dry skin. Pears are basically natural humectants; they store water naturally thereby retaining the natural moisture in the skin.

Reduced Cancer Risk
The health benefits of pear fiber also extend into the area of cancer risk. Fiber from pear can bind together not only with bile acids as a whole, but also with a special group of bile acids called secondary bile acids.