Attract Success Now!

Impress and Inspire Others Without Speaking a Word.

When you walk into a room, isn’t there someone who stands out from the crowd? You may have not spoken to them but you watch as people are drawn to their secret positive energy. The way you feel about yourself, as opposed to how you try to look, sends silent signals to others before you utter your first word.

It tells people how you want to be treated. This unseen dialogue is known as sizing one another up and reflects how you want people to treat you. Sometimes without even realizing it, we sabotage new business relationships by thinking negatively. Our self doubt dismisses brilliant ideas and partnerships before we even give them a chance to succeed. The secret to success is learning from our experiences, good and bad, rather than letting them become the foundation for new efforts. To develop a positive attitude and attract the success you deserve, simply: 1. Bring the best of yourself. There is no reason to inflate your self-image by trying to turn self-doubt into a strength by joking about your weaknesses or covering them up. You may believe this projects success but in reality it lowers your self-esteem. Any action you take to appear strong can be read by other people as an even greater weakness than it really is. Your conviction to your goals and your confidence to ask for help is all people you meet really expect. 2. Turn your subconscious outcome meter to positive. It will be too much work. Someone else can do it better. When you attempt something new, release your past failures and turn off any negative background noise that is automatically triggered. As you uncover any negative thoughts, acknowledge them, and then release them. You can’t predict the future so how do you know what you can and cannot accomplish? 3. Be your positive self. Instead of feeling that you need to control how people think about you, just state your goals and discover common ground. You don’t need anyone’s approval to achieve your dreams. Most people do not have to the time to evaluate or judge, they are most interested in how they can help. 4. Take action even if you are confused. Catch yourself when you are about to act from weakness. If you feel vulnerable, accept it as a natural part of being human. The but what ifs you place on the end of our thought processes, even without realizing it, dampen your secret enthusiasm. Let reality throw obstacles in your way, and agree to discover the steps to overcome them. 5. Keep silent, and then speak. Fear often makes us want to impress others. While participating in a conversation, cancel any undetected weaknesses by conducting a quick internal check before speaking. Does that remark you are about to make, or the answer you are about to give benefit the conversation? If not, keep silent. Silence is often stronger than words. Simply recognize that you are in control. You may be able to blame others but that just digs you deeper into self-doubt. You have accomplished a great deal in life and in your business, think positively and enjoy the outcomes.