Open Your Mouth Remove all Doubt

The one true threat to the longevity of a relationship is doubt. Trust is the foundation without which a relationship cannot exist. Doubt is the absence of trust. Whether or not there is a reason to doubt your partner’s fidelity, the end result is the same. Once there is doubt, you are robbed of your peace of mind.

Often, it is the insecurity of one of you in the relationship that creates this doubt. Due to some flaw in your personality, perhaps caused by parental neglect, you tend to automatically doubt the dependability of any relationship.

Or it could be that you had previously been traumatized by an unfaithful partner and you haven’t fully recovered yet. In such cases, it is necessary for you to heal fully before you enter into a new relationship.

The presence of doubt gives rise to questions that produce more doubt. And this leads to a downward spiral of increasing misery. If you see yourself being pulled into this spiral, there are only two things you can do, kill the doubt or end the relationship.

Sometimes the doubt is actually caused by your partner’s unfaithful act. This becomes the real challenge because most relationships do not go any further and just end there.

But there is another important ingredient to a relationship that is sometimes overlooked. Relationships are built not just on trust but also on hope. Supposing your partner is in fact guilty of infidelity, it is still your choice to forgive and put this issue behind you. You have this option because you possess hope that your partner can change and you have hope that you can recover from the pain and doubt caused by your partner’s infidelity.

A relationship is built between two imperfect human beings whose flaws make them vulnerable to moments of weakness. It is therefore necessary that both of you accept each other’s frailty. And when you do commit a mistake, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is not repeated.

But in this caseBusiness Management Articles, the process of rebuilding the trust is rather difficult. It will entail patience and understanding between the both of you. And it will still be a mutual effort to re-establish the trust and not merely the sole burden of the guilty partner.

To hope is to believe that trust can be restored despite the existence of a reason to doubt.


Applying Law of Attraction in Real in Everyday Life

Have you ever wondered how many thoughts come into your mind in a day? It may reach sixty to eighty thousands every day and you will be surprised to know a majority of them being negative. But after you go through this article on law of attraction you will find a way to change your situation. The law of attraction (LOA) is the only way to holistically improve your quality of life.

LOA is not a magic pill that will change your life overnight. But, yes, you can take small steps each day to move towards it by following some basic principles. Our brain unknowingly stores negative incidents and experiences and the more we ponder over such experiences, the more harm we do to ourselves. A drastic change is demanded in our mindset that will consciously wipe off negative experiences and store only positive ones and as a result will develop some ‘positive muscles’ in our brain. With little conscious practice, we will be able to create a new landscape for our mind where there will be no space for fear, inhibition, blocks or beliefs that limit our potential.

Nurturing LOA in our daily life may sound to be intimidating but it is not difficult. However, you must follow it persistently and every day you need to implement these positive practices in order to attune your energetic vibration to positivity.

Focus your attention on positive things. Instead of focussing on what is going right or what is going wrong just think that whatever is happening in your life is for your good and you will be able to solve any problem that is thrown to you. With this attitude of solving the problem, your confidence would surely go up and riding the waves will be a much easy task.

Refrain yourself from worries. It is our natural tendency to worry about things and if you keep a record of the worries you have experienced in the last couple of weeks, you will find them to be trivial and you don’t need to worry about them any longer. The moment you write down your worries, you will also find the natural solution to solve them.

The law of attraction will teach you how deep, diaphragmatic breathing can bring a sense of calmness in you. It is scientifically proven that deep breathing energises your parasympathetic nervous system. This helps you to attain a state of relaxation and calms your mind. Your rational mind then takes over your sudden spikes of worries and guides you to the most logical solutions and actions.

By applying the law of attraction, you can take control of your mind and direct it towards only positive thoughts. Meditation helps you in achieving this and keeps you protected from moving towards negative emotions.

When you are no more concentrating on stressful, negative patterns in your mind, the law of attraction takes control of your life. The law of attraction teaches you how to be grateful for whatever you have in life and leads towards a fulfilling existence. Feeling of contentment moves you towards your goal and helps you focussing on its attainment.

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It is amazing to know that law of attraction helps you to grow personally as well as professionally. The law of attraction helps you to become a better person in life.