Achieving Exponential Success

Exponential success is the mathematical process of multiplying numbers.

Remember your math days and the different calculations you used. Remember that 4+4=8 and 4X4 is 16 but 4 to the 4th power is 256. Same numbers still math, same amount of effort of do the math on a calculator but look at the difference in results. This process yields greater numbers than any other mathematical process.

Some people are satisfied with minor success throughout their lives, adding to their lives a little at a time. Some people want to multiply the joy they have and the goals they want to accomplish. Learn to demand the most from life and achieve success exponentially.

You must to have the will to win.

The desire to make the changes that will bring success and happiness. I will show you how to maintain and sustain desire and drive for your success, not a temporary solution but a lifetime of exponential success and happiness. It will be worth it but it does take some effort.

Just when the space shuttle goes into orbit it has to expend the most fuel getting the momentum to get out of the atmosphere. But once it gets into orbit it expends less energy. Just like ES it is hard at first then it becomes a natural process. Becoming successful is like starting to exercise. At first it starts to hurt and take a lot of mental effort to get to the point where it feels good and is exhilarating. Once you get past this point that is when the energy drive, and determination.

You need to learn to customize a success plan and to your needs, according to your talents, drive, personality, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

You can’t live exponentially by following a preset predetermined pattern that someone else uses. It will get you close and make you somewhat successful but won’t get you to live exponentially and find your own pattern you need to reach the pinnacle of your success potential.

When you find this pattern and your passion you will reach ES. You will have to be flexible and moldable as you discover the things that will bring you to true success. You have all the pieces you need to find the very best within you and bring you to the pinnacle of your success potential. You are one of a kind, therefore your success plan should be unique.

You want success and to be the best at what you do.

No one likes living in mediocrity and not doing the things they know they are capable of achieving. No one likes to feel second class or under accomplished. Everyone wants to be recognized as being the best in something and having great talents and abilities.

We all want it, but why don’t we have it? The desire is there, but where is the action to bring you to the level of success we know we deserve and want? What are you waiting for? What is going to make it happen? Does success get easier the longer we wait? Are we waiting for an terrible experience to make us change our ways? Are we hoping for a miracle, the lottery or Publishers Clearinghouse to change our lives? Lets get started now today at this moment or statistics show it won’t happen.

For Example, It took you 10 years to gain 20 pounds and you won’t lose it over night. It took you years to get deep into debt and you won’t become financially independent overnight. This is a process and not a quick fix. You can’t plant your crops 2 weeks before harvest. You can’t prepare for a marathon 2 weeks before it starts. You can’t cram for a final one hour before it begins. You can’t save for retirement 5 years before it happens. You won’t be successful overnight just because you have the desire.

Dr says we find a need to lose weight and get control of our lives so we run out and get a weight loss system. We spend money on equipment and special food and get excited to lose weight. We know it is important and it will improve our lives but we don’t stick to it. It might last a few weeks, but it is slide back to our comfort zone. Sure it might happen for a few days weeks maybe even months but soon it is business as usual. Why?

It is not part of our customary pattern or natural process and we are not doing it for the right reasons or in the right way according to our individual unique psychology. You need to find out what works for you as a natural process, A natural process is something you can do, something you feel comfortable and exciting and internally motivated to accomplish. This is so we don’t have to strain and go against the grain to become what we want to become.

Your life is your own plot of ground. You can do what you want, plant what you want and you get to decide what you going to harvest or what type of weeds or infestation you will allow. Are you going to water? Are you going to be happy with your plot of ground or ashamed of your plot of ground? This is your choice.

You have started with desire to be and achieve the things you know you want.

Desire is the difference between a average person and a high achiever. Be careful because desire and complacency tend to contradict each other. You must decide the complacency and comfort zone is the real reason you are not where you want to be. Sure you can come up with lists of excuses and rationalizations but if you are not on that list you have to back up and take full responsibility for who and what you are and become.

When I started to research success there are many words that start with self- (esteem, image, discipline.) We will get you out of your comfort zone and into the exponential success zone so you can reach your full potential. Learn to push yourself beyond your capabilities. Never cap your ability to be successful; you have never reached your best in all areas of your life. This includes your personal best, you can perform beyond your limits and skills. The plan will unfold a piece at a time. When you are ready to begin the success process the pieces of the plan begin to appear.

We leave with a good feelings and desire to make the changes but once we get back to life. There are setbacks we get back to business as usual. No long-term changes or happiness just the same old thing. Why,? We have not found out what it is that make us tick and how to empower ourselves to make that change. You need additional tools, the information was great but until you can put it to action, it has been a waste of time. You have to be able to implement these skills. Many times training can be a quick fix or short term results we want to make lasting changes in our lives.

We have to find that winning edge that will propel us to the top and help us to things we know we are able to accomplish. Once we can get ourselves to do the right things we can start working on success skills that make the difference. We can gain that winning edge the difference between top and average performers.

There are many quick fixes to encourage motivation and temporary excitement that work for a few days or months, but eventually after that initial feeling wears off we are back to square one and back to your comfort zone.

Success Is Based On A Realistic Plan

Everyone wants to be successful. However, many people often rely on luck and chance to achieve results. The best example in this case is someone who wants to be rich but only try the most ineffective method: playing the Lotto. Of course, there are chances of becoming rich over night, but how likely is it that this will actually happen? Creating a realistic plan in order to achieve the desired results is vital in any case, no matter how high or low your goals are.

The safest way to achieve your dream is by taking successive steps and gradually increasing your chances of reaching your goal. Try to think of a metaphor and compare your desires with a professional swimming competition.

The first thing you need to do, in order to have chances of winning the race, is to make sure you are not afraid of the water. Before you even consider entering the race you have to eliminate your fears. They are the ones holding you back, but be careful, some of your fears might save you from getting hurt or failing.

Once you are convinced that your goal is worth fighting for, you have to start the hardest stage in you plan: preparation. You cannot expect to win a professional swimming race when you don’t even know how to swim. Start with the basics and never skip any steps out of desire of reaching your goal faster. The experience and knowledge you are skipping will probably come back and hurt you later on. Prepare by taking gradually increasing steps. Swim half a lap first, and then move on to a full lap. Your skills will progress each time and you will soon beat your own lap records every time you enter the swimming pool.

It might take days, weeks or years to prepare for the “race”, depending on what your goals are. The main thing is to enter the race feeling confident in your own success and having all the skills that would allow you to win.

Taking steps one at a time and keeping your plan realistic gives you two important benefits. The order and precision of a plan brings confidence. You don’t feel like you are reengaging each new issue on a day-to-day basis. Organizing your strategy reduces the chances of making wrong moves or taking less efficient decisions.

Secondly, having a sound plan has many psychological benefits and your subconscious mind worries less, giving you more energy to concentrate on what’s important. You are creating a pattern in your awareness that accepts success and integrates it in your plan.

When both you conscious and your subconscious mind believe in your chances of reaching a goal you benefit from a power of concentration and focus that eliminate outside interference and let you follow the shortest path to success.

Even though chance may still play an important role in your quest to reach your ideal, having a realistic plan let’s you change the “unlikely” into “possible”.