How to Journal Your Way to a More Positive Life

Our minds can be our own worst enemy. We can so easily become our biggest critics, letting ourselves drown in negativity, and getting so low that we can’t

When we get to these low points in our lives, it can seem endless, but all it takes is a shift in perspective and the determination for change. It’s going to take active measures and commitment to invite positivity into your life and make it the most valued guest in your mind.

I find that journaling is a fantastic way to jumpstart this journey as it requires a healthy amount of introspection, planning, and reflection. These 5 journaling activities will challenge you to focus on the good and let go of the bad. Get ready to make way for a more positive life ahead!

Write a thank you letter to the negativity in your life

In order to start your journey toward a more positive life, you must let go of the negative baggage dragging you down. A great way to do this is by writing thank you letters in your journal dedicated to these detractors.

Write letters to negative people, traumatizing experiences, or anything else that plagues your mind. Thank them for the lessons you have learned as a result of your experience with them and recognize that you have become a better person for it.

Express all of the feelings you have associated with these negative forces and say farewell to them for good. In this activity, you are letting go of this baggage and no longer giving it permission to control your life.

Here’s an added bonus: rip out these pages and burn them! You will feel a great release and sense a fresh start on the horizon.

Document the good things

We tend to always remember the negative things that happen to us and neglect the many good moments that occur on a daily basis. Utilize your journal to document every positive thing that happens throughout your day. You will be surprised at how much of that you let yourself forget!

Record your goals

There’s nothing more positive than achieving something you have set out to do. You can make it even more of a valuable experience by recording these goals. Use your journal to write down a list of things you would like to accomplish and make sure to come back to record updates as you progress. You will quickly see how your life moves forward and how you are making efforts to become a better person.

It has also been said that when you write down goals, you are significantly more likely to achieve them! Tackling goals and creating a more positive life? Seems like a win-win to me.

Let it out

The best part about writing in a journal is that it is a no-judgment zone. You won’t have anyone checking for grammar, commenting on your unsavory penmanship, or passing judgment on your thoughts. This gives you the opportunity to be yourself and express your emotions in any way you wish. Journaling can be as casual or formal as you want it to be.

This element of freedom lets you feel more comfortable with “speaking” to your journal and this allows you to better express yourself and work through your emotions. When you have something like this to rely on, you won’t feel so alone and empty in your feelings.

Write about things you’re looking forward to

When it comes to living a positive life, it’s all about looking forward. You are no longer going to dwell on the negativity of the past and on things you cannot change.

With this activity, you are going to list everything you are looking forward to. These can be simple things, like your next paycheck or family visit, or they can be long-term visions, like succeeding in your business or marrying the person you love.

There are always things we can look forward to in life and when you write them down, you won’t be able to help but feel a wee-bit excited.

Nicole DaRosa is passionate about helping women become their most glamorous selves, inside and out. She writes about self-improvement, beauty, journaling, careers, and more on her blog, Glamorously You.

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Get Positive Attitude

Any person can be capable of having a positive attitude when things are going well. What if truth is told matters more is how you do something when things are going poorly. That is what determines the strength of your moral fiber. An appropriate attitude means feeling optimistic in difficult times. Add up your blessings. Look for the good. Below are six simple yet effective ways to create a positive attitude.

Positive Attitude Examples

Choose to be Enthusiastic – Think enthusiastically. Talk excitedly. Become passionate by acting passionate. Your thoughts and actions set up your level of enthusiasm.

Think like Tigger – Walk quickly. Place a bounce in your step. A vigorous, hearty handshake indicates you are glad to be alive and happy to be with the other person. A good smile radiates interest. Force yourself to act with enthusiasm, and soon you will feel enthusiastic.

Bring Good News – No one ever made a friend or accomplished something meaningful by transmitting bad news. Good news, on the other hand, promotes good will and spreads enthusiasm. Always aim to make the person you talk to feel better than they otherwise would.

Visualize – All peak performers visualize success. Before you try to do anything, close your eyes and visualize yourself doing it well.

Talk to Yourself – What did you say to yourself today? Did you moan and groan about everyone. What we think is 100% reflected in how we feel. If all we think about is negative thoughts, our actions will be negative.

Love Others – Bring encouragement, optimism, and hope to all that you meet. Help others feel comfortable in your presence. Spread joy and goodwill. Be concerned about the wishes and desires of others. Be understanding, caring, accepting, and forgiving. Become more concerned about helping others achieve their individual desires.