Inspire Self Development thru Affirmation and Visualization

Building our inspiration through affirmation and visualization can facilitate us through the processes of self-development. When one develops a positive pattern of thinking, it helps them to affirm that they are unstoppable and the sky is their limit. They will be able to uproot and annihilate the evils like poverty, racism, abuse, crime, violence, war and sex among others plaguing us today.

They will create an ideal world full of happy people who are devoid of any kind of stress, anxiety, worry or apprehension. Let us join to make this a reality.

We have inner strengths that facilitate us to take control of our actions and thoughts. By probing in the innermost, deepest mind, one can pull up some other strength. Once you find these strengths, it makes it easier to visualize the self-taking action toward self-development.

Because life puts so many challenges in our way, it is often difficult to find ways to solve our problems effectively. This is where visualization and affirmation comes in handy. Using mental pictures and affirmation we can inspire the mind so that it stays focused on the goal of self-development.

Affirmations give the mind support and encouragement. These healthy agents will help us to develop assertive skills, which makes it easier for one to confirm statements while making his or her declarations. Visualizations enable us to create dreams in the mind. We can use our ideas to expand on these dreams while using affirmation to motivate the mind and body to take action.

Visualizations help us to draw up mental illustrations, diagrams, images, or charts so that we can route the mind in the right direction. The mind works in a seven-block structure. It often helps when one becomes aware of this structure. For example, when the mind seeks out information to find solutions for problem solving, it often digs for the purpose first.

Despite that, the average person is unsure of their purpose, this is often what the mind often seeks first. People can usual find their purpose in life by encouraging the mind and assisting it with finding answers.

Purpose gives one visual goals that keeps one focused and persistence to continue looking ahead. The tenacity of goals will help with developing new ideas through rational thinking. After the mind finds purpose, it often begins the question asking process. Any information under evaluation is questioned. The mind first examines the problem, difficulty of the problem, issues surrounding the problem, the subject and matters to find resolution. Any uncertainties are channelled so that the visual question marks are considered with deeper thought. This is the action of critical thinking in progress.

The mind will continue searching until answers become available. The problem is, sometimes it takes years and years before the mind finds answers to certain problems. This is because the person fails to assist the mind, or will suppress the problems.

It brings us to see that we can assist the mind by avoiding suppression. Instead of putting off the problem, take care of it right away. One can reduce loads of stress by resolving the problems immediately. Many problems create suffering. When you work to reduce the problems through visualization and affirmation, you can develop a positive outlook on life, which makes it easier to reach your goals.

Encourage your mind by helping it to find purpose. You have the inner strengths. Simply probe into your mind and explore your knowledge, experiences, information and events to discover ways to solve your problems. Think positive and your mind will work naturally through the process of self-development.

Gratitude 101

Now is the time for radical gratitude, explosive declarations of appreciations for the good and bad, the cheerful and sad situations, circumstances and relationships in my life!

I am proposing more powerful projections of gratefulness for all that is my life presently. Further, I realise that these new heightened expressions of gratitude only have their real & truest effect when given in the now, presently, this moment. So firstly, let me thank Mr. Thomas Cho of alkalife Natural Alkaline Water for giving me the opportunity to write ‘The Enlightened Life’ post for his website. I love writing and I also cherish the chance to write about Mind/Body and healthy lifestyle topics.


It’s one thing to be grateful for times gone by, but the most powerful expressions of thankfulness are those served up in the present. For example, I can recall my car accident some 10 years ago, and think back at how lucky I am to be alive and also the lessons Ive learned from that fateful night. But it’s only when I declare my gratitude, speak my appreciation or even sing my joy of having gone through such an ordeal, in the present moment, that the freeing, empowered force of gratitude is released and can then lift my spirits, or raise my vibration or consciousness.

For me, gratitude has become my own personal internal warrior. Always waiting, watching, without judgement or want. This warrior is ever ready to be released into any situation or circumstance at any time, armed with love and forgiveness to uplift & bring a great light of transformation to any experience. As Cicero the great Roman Politician said,” Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” In fact for me its the pre requisite for love, forgiveness and freedom. It’s been said time and again that the universe loves gratitude, and that’s because in expressing gratitude in our most powerful, heartfelt and authentic way we are reaffirming our oneness with god, source or infinite mind if you will. In expressing our deepest appreciation we re-declare that everything, everyone is ultimately one. We are then conscious that the Hermetic principle of The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working for us whether we realise it or not.

The more I express my gratitude the greater gifts I get to express my gratefulness. But here’s where the real power is, the ultimate power is in expressing gratitude for whatever is happening in life currently, without any judgement of whether it was good or bad, pleasurable or painful. To know that beautiful lessons exist in all experiences, and to know that how I’m rewarded for my gratitude has nothing to do with me. I couldn’t care when it comes or how the blessing will look. I’m simple aligning with my most authentic or higher self.

Sound, the spoken word for me seems to have to most direct and responsive effect in co creating with source. So as much as I can I want to speak, pronounce and even sing my gratitude daily.

So I’m setting up a 7 day Gratitude Challenge. Each day for a week I will speak either silently to myself or speak it out loud or sing it, all of the things I am grateful for no matter what they look like or how they make me feel, as much as possible throughout the day. On paper this looks simple enough, but in the midst of the hustle and grind of daily life our minds twist and turn endlessly back and forth between past problems and future concerns, so this will take discipline on my part. However, the idea is to start and build a current of gratitudinal momentum so that after 7 days I can sense a change in how I see situations that were once familiar and how I’m noticing new situations and circumstances to be grateful for.

Thanks for listening speak soon. wayne mcdanielWayne “Mac” McDaniel is passionate about health & well being. His greatest joy is in expressing his talents,skills & gifts in the service of inspiring, motivating & uplifting others into greater versions of themselves. Meditation, eating a whole-foods diet and exercise have been and continue to be the foundation for his success in basketball,acting,speaking and singing. Wayne feels joyous uplifting others thru his singing & public speaking while sharing his knowledge stories and insights. Realising everything is energy and resonance. He seeks to avoid judgement of others realising that we are all making decisions,choices and actions based on our current levels of understanding & consciousness. And as we gain & apply greater knowledge we will intend,think,emote,and feel to reflect this change,raising the levels of consciousness within ourselves and others.