Finding happiness: The secret of true living

Develop a healthy self esteem; have self confidence and believe in yourself: A lack of healthy self esteem is an indication that you’re not living and it is a big reason why you are not happy.

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The Top 5 Habits of Happy People

There are reasons, good reasons, why certain people have reached the state of constant happiness – it’s all about things like wonder, self satisfaction, never forgetting ones roots and the inspiration gained from others…

…others who are or have been in worse positions than yourself – but are happy, as well as those fortunates who have gotten themselves into the happy position that you would like to be in.

Habit No.1…Be Inspired By Others

• It never ceases to amaze and is totally inspiring when you take time to notice those that you would consider worse off than yourself i.e. those that are blind or have limbs missing or are born with or have been suddenly stricken with debilitating diseases or afflictions – BUT – they attain happiness…their inner strength and acceptance of their circumstances is truly astounding…it begs the question; “exactly WHY am i unhappy..?”.

• What about those who have followed the tenets and types of advice that are cited and discussed within this site…they have attained happiness via positive thinking, hard endeavour, full commitment to their desires and absolute persistence in taking the necessary steps along their road to success…that warrants full respect and is simply inspirational…why not just emulate their steps to success..!?!

Habit No.2…Share Your Knowledge And Your Time

• There really is nothing like the act of giving to others…most especially your time and knowledge…Winston Churchill said: “We Make a Living By What We Get, But We Make a Life By What We Give”

• The man knew what he was talking about and many other very successful people have quoted along the same lines with the self-same theme…and have gone ahead to live full and happy lives.

• It’s one of the main rules of the universe and has been proved time and time again…to receive, you must first give..!

Habit No.3…Always Be Grateful For Everything You Have

• Happy people are constantly grateful for all the material things they have, even if it took hard work and effort to obtain them…they do not take it or them for granted.

• Subsequently, the people in your life…if you have wonderful relationships with great friends and loved ones, be grateful…do not take them for granted.

• There are plenty people in this world who, for whatever reason, are not so fortunate, so you have serious reason to be forever thankful for your bounty..!

Habit No.4…Live For This Moment

• This moment, here and now is what counts…focus and enjoy what you need to get done today so that you successfully move forward to tomorrow.

• The past is done-and-dusted…there is no point continuously thinking about your past mistakes or even your past conquests – every day is different and will need to be actioned so that you get to the end of the road you have chosen for your FUTURE success.

• On that note – do not dwell too much on the future either…what you do now, at this moment, is what will determine your future needs and actions.

Habit No.5…Know The Only Things That You Can Control Are Your Thoughts

• Although you can guide by providing help and advice, you cannot control what others think or do – don’t let that have negative influence on your desires.

• Your thoughts are “things” – they WILL become reality if you keep thinking them…that’s your negative as well as your positive thoughts, so it’s obvious what type of thoughts you should spend the most (all) of your time on – right..?

• Happy people begin with a dream, a thought…and then make it a solid happenstance..!

Happiness is a state of mind, not just a simple feeling…if your mind is persistently positive, if your mind is grateful and if your mind does not dwell on past injustices or mistakes and if you make sure your mind doesn’t stress too much about the future that you cannot possibly control, then happiness is yours for the taking…take it..!

Here’s a simple but very adroit quote – from Abraham Lincoln – for you to remember…
“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”


Peter EC Kirwan

Secrets That Happy People Know – And You Can Too!

Are the daily pressures and stressors that you face each day present obstacles that cause you feelings of anxiety and hopelessness?

Do you ever look at other people who seem to have the juggling act down pat? Did you ever wonder how these people are able to handle the curve balls that Life hurls their way with the ease, grace and optimism that they display? Maybe you have a friend or family member who has the remarkable ability to see the best sides of life and this frustrates you because you are unable to understand just from where their eternal sunshine originates.

Don’t worry, you are in good company. There are many people who feel the crunch from pressures at work, family routines that are hectic and an energy level that seems to have plummeted so much that your enjoyment in life has plummeted right along with it. If you have forgotten how to take the positive approach and view to life, or if Life has placed obstacles in your way such as loss of a job, illness or death of a family member and it has drained the life from you, then try these tips to return joy to our life.

Stay Connected:

When you are rushing about, paddling as fast as you can to keep your head above water and stay on top of all of your tasks, you may forget to stay connected to the people who are important to you. You may have let your family and friends slip to the back burner.

Studies show that happy people have good relationships. If you are feeling down, it may help to call a friend and go for coffee. Maybe make some special time to spend with your spouse or children. Human interaction can boost your energy and help you get your priorities in order so that you can feel joy.

Contemplate The Good Things In Your Life:

This may sound redundant, but stop to think about the things that are good in your life. When you focus on the positive things in your life it can really increase your happiness and satisfaction.

Is something going on at work that is getting you down? Have you been dealing with your kids the way that you should or are you cranky and short with them? You can turn these feelings around when you consciously take inventory of the things that you have done right. When you identify areas where you can make improvements and acknowledge that the changes are good for you, you will begin to feel better. If you spend your life beating yourself up over mistakes you’ve made and injustices done to you, it will only serve to break your spirit.

Get A Hobby:

Sometimes a little diversion is just what the doctor ordered to pull you out of your funk. Get a hobby and it just might bring happiness back to your life. When you challenge yourself and enrich your life with interests that extend beyond the scope of your daily routine, it can bring a zest to your life that you may have been missing.

Do Something For Someone Else:

It is easy to get wrapped up in your own problems and wallow in your disappointments, but if you take a moment to look beyond your own problems and see where you can help someone else, it can bring you great satisfaction and joy.

You really don’t have to do much to start feeling better. Holding the door for someone, bringing a co-worker a cup of coffee, helping someone load their groceries into their car or picking up groceries for an elderly neighbor can do wonders for your psyche. It can make you feel better and remind you that we are responsible for our own happiness and that it comes from our own attitudes and actions.

There are instances where your lack of enjoyment of life may be related so a physiological or psychological condition such as heart disease, depression, hypertension or anxiety and no amount of good deeds are going to help. If this is the case, you should consult your physician and get some help so that you can take the steps necessary to get your life back on track, a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

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