11 Magic Affirmations — Be confident and Laugh More

The power of affirmations can improve and even transform your life in many ways.

Can they help you reach any goal? Can you alter any situation to your liking? While positive thinking and the law of attraction are important, you need to consider other spiritual laws too. For example, the laws of karma and predetermination supersede the law of attraction.

We’ve found in our empirical research that a lot in life is fated (which is the same as being destined), which mirrors your personal timing.

Thankfully, you’re not just a puppet; you can make the most of your fate with your free will.

One way you can do this is with affirmations. What you think and believe can influence your reality, within the borders of your fate.

Affirmations are especially helpful when you’re plagued by worries, self-doubt and negative thoughts. Life is stressful and challenging, and how you perceive it can make a big difference. Take control and replace counter-productive thoughts with positive thoughts; it’s a simple and healthy way to use the incredible power of your mind.

The subconscious mind has a huge impact on your life and subconscious fears and defenses can cause lots of problems

Defenses include guilt, jealousy, selfishness, anger, argumentativeness, a domineering attitude, resentment, a temper, an anti-social personality, secretiveness, arrogance, vanity, and many more.

It’s not easy to change. In fact, sometimes your subconscious mind will go to great lengths to stay exactly where you are, what it considers safe, even if you consciously want to improve.

Fortunately, your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination.

Therefore, repeating affirmations is an affective way to help you reach your goals or just to feel better.

Confidence and a sense of humor can make just about any situation easier to deal with, even change a stressful or unhappy situation into one you triumph over. With a little effort, you can increase yours with the magic of affirmations.

Below are 11 magic affirmations to help you magnify your confidence and sense of humor. The more you repeat them, the more your subconscious mind will embrace them, and the more you’ll naturally act confident and be funny.

Choose one or more of the following affirmations, write it down and tape it to your computer or dashboard

Repeat it many times a day, especially when you find yourself feeling fearful or thinking negative thoughts. You can also use them as a mantra on which to focus in meditation.

1) I am feeling more confident every day.

2) I feel peaceful, relaxed, and self-assured. (It’s easier to be confident and funny when you’re relaxed.)

3) I relax easily by breathing slowly and deeply.

4) I enjoy finding humor in life and making people laugh.

5) I find humor in everything and love to laugh.

6) I am happy, humorous, and fun to be around.

7) I feel calm, relaxed, and hopeful around other people.

8) I exude confidence, sincerity, and humor.

9) I radiate warmth, self-confidence, and love.

10) I sparkle with self-confidence, humor, and vitality.

11) I make people laugh with ease and confidence.

Note: Affirmations will not change your fate, but if you use them often enough, they’ll bridge the gap to a better reality.

Now that you know how thoughts influence reality, you can use these affirmations to increase your confidence and sense of humor.

Everyday Measures You Should Take To Build Self Confidence

Even the best leaders lack self-confidence at sure times. Improving self-confidence isn’t a static quality; rather, it’s an attitude that takes effort to keep up once the going gets rough. It should be learned, practiced and down a bit like the other talent. However once you master it, you may be modified for the higher.

Here are a unit six effective ways in which to push your own self-confidence and self-esteem.

1. Act the Part.

Your visual communication will instantly demonstrate boosting self-esteem, or it will scream insecurity. Gift yourself in an exceedingly method that says you’re able to master or take command of any state of affairs. If you look esteem and act the half you aim to succeed in, you’ll not solely feel up to speed; individuals can have way more confidence in you yet.
Hold your head high, stay up straight, and gently bring your shoulders back to align your spine and appearance directly at the opposite person once interacting. Avoid a limp acknowledgement and maintain sensible eye contact whereas somebody is talking to you.

2. Dress the Half.

When you look higher, you are feeling higher. If you select article of clothing and accessories that fit your needs well, fit your trade and manner, and cause you to feel sensible, this may mechanically increase your vanity. Appear as if the half you wish to play, or in different words, suit up for achievement. Don’t be afraid to let your temperament shine in your accessories. Daring jewellery or a colorful tie will be a center of attention and a decent spoken communication starter.

3. Speak assertively.

The next time you hear your favorite speaker, be conscious of the method he or she delivers a speech. An excellent speaker speaks with confidence, in an exceedingly steady, Sapphic tone. Rather than the ums and ahs that interrupt flow, they use pauses to emphasize ideas.

Adopt associate assertive, however not aggressive, method of speaking that indicates your boosting self-esteem. You may feel your vanity begin to rise. To be taken seriously, avoid high-pitched, nervous chatter or twittering giggles in your speech. Individuals can hear you additional with attention after they see the leader radiate from among you.

4. Think and act absolutely.

Positive energy ends up in positive outcomes, thus set your mind to the dynamic aspect of any state of affairs, avoiding the negative self-talk that may because you to feel less esteem. Smile, laugh and surround yourself with happy, positive individuals. You’ll feel higher and therefore the individuals with whom you’re employed can fancy your company.
Keep a feeling journal to prompt yourself of the high points of your day and your accomplishments. You may develop additional peace and confidence after you area unit in an exceedingly grateful state of mind.

5. Take action.

There’s additional to being esteem than simply however you look. You want to act the half. Walk up to a trespasser at a networking event, or settle for a project you’d ordinarily reject. It will eventually help boosting self-esteem and shortly it’ll become habit.

Inaction breeds doubt and worry, whereas action breeds confidence and courageousness. As associate exercise, jot your strengths and weaknesses. The general public can tell you to figure on your weaknesses, however use what you have and make the most your strengths instead. Once you set additional energy into your positive traits, your confidence can begin to shine through.

6. Be Ready.

Remember the 5 P’s: Prior planning prevents poor performance. The more ready you’re the boosting self esteem will feel concerning your experience and ability. Preparation can assist you avoid obtaining tripped up by life’s surprising glitches.

Learn everything you’ll be able to concerning your trade, your subject material, your goals and what drives you towards success. Before you begin a task, 1st imagine however you wish to feel once you’ve completed it. Don’t attempt to accomplish an excessive amount of quickly. Break complicated tasks up into tiny, bite-size, manageable items.
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3 Simple Steps to Stop Limiting Beliefs Destroying Your Life

Have you ever quit and questioned why some days absolutely nothing can quit you achieving splendid and remarkable points yet other days you are flat out getting out of bed?

Well the solution might be deeper at hand compared to you think.

You see, the majority of the of exactly what we make in our lives is created from our ideas, feelings, emotions and beliefs. Many of these are what has been shared with us maturing from well indicating household, friends, colleagues, teachers … … the listing goes on.

Unless you understand this taking place, which most people aren t, you merely approve what others tell you regarding YOU. For this reason your fact is developed with examinations of others not with your eyes. If you ve been told all your life that you are fat, skinny, silly, cute, smart, sluggish or absolutely brilliant, exactly what do you believe you are visiting think and think concerning yourself? Greater than likely what you have been told over and over again.

This factor is not about making the people around you wrong wherefore they said to you, they were doing the most effective they could with exactly what they had at the moment. The point has to do with being aware that each of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas may not be yours. Having them as component of your life might not join your finest interest.

So with brand-new discovered awareness of your thoughts and ideas you can begin to transform your life (if you pick!).

Instead of your restricting ideas and beliefs damaging your life, you now reach destroy them. Just how much better compared to that does it get?

Simply adhere to these three simple steps:.

1. Want to have awareness of your ideas, beliefs etc that may be destroying your life.

2. When you notice them point out to on your own: Everything that is destroy and uncreate it kindly. This places you in charge so you can develop your life how you want, not being destroyed by your thoughts, ideas and so on

. 3. Ask yourself: What else could I make below? Exactly what else is possible?

If this doesn t work for you, attempt my envision and vaporise method. Merely visualise the thought, idea etc in a balloon and the watch it vaporise into slim air. After that visualise an additional balloon and fill it with ideas etc you would certainly including to have concerning a certain situation/person.

To Your Phenomenal Life.