How To Create A Vision Board And Attract Your Goals in 2017

Visualization is an important success element in your goal achievement efforts. A very powerful way to apply visualization is by creating a so called “Vision Board”, also known as a “Dream Board”. It is one of the most powerful ways to put the Law of Attraction to work for you. A Vision Board is a collage of pictures of the goals and dreams you want to attract in your life.

Important is to really use the exact image of what you want to attract, as whatever you show on your Board will become part of your reality! So if you want a specific kind of car, make sure it is exactly the type, model and color you desire. I recommend to take some time to create clarity on what it is you are wanting in life. Most people spend more time planning their holidays than their life! So write down on a list what truly makes you happy; this could be something tangible, or something like “more spare time, better life balance” etc. Once you are clear on your goals, it’s time to assemble your vision board.

A very basic and fun way of creating a Vision Board is by taking a big piece of carton, scissors, glue and tons of magazines. Go through the magazines and search for images of your dreams, or search for the right images on the internet. Cut out the images and glue them on your cardboard. For more power, add affirmations such as “I love driving my new Porsche” or “I spend lots of quality time with my family”. This reinforces what you desire. This exercise is a lot of fun if you do it in a group of people, all sharing their goals and visions for their life. You will enjoy the energy in the room!

Hang your piece of cardboard on a spot where you will see it on a very regular basis, such as at your desk or in the kitchen. Look at it daily, and really FEEL as if you have already achieved the things on your Board. It is precisely this FEELING that will help you to attract your vision into your life. Therefore, make sure to look at your Board as often as possible with focused intent and the make sure to take inspired action. Respond to nudges, suggestion you may get that could bring you closer to your vision. Once you do so, you will be happily surprised to see the things on your Vision Board show up in your life – sooner or later – providing you keep putting your intention on them and you stay positive and inspired.

By looking at your Vision Board on a consistent (daily) basis, you will manifest the life you truly desire and absolutely deserve! Enjoy!

The Importance of Goal Setting

Planning your work can make any project easy and simple. People are often scared at the onset of a new job or a project. This is where goal setting can help you

What is Goal Setting

Goals are targets which you decide to achieve in a given time frame. When you have a project at hand all you have to do is to divide it into small achievable tasks and set a time frame for the completion of each task.

Steps for setting Goals

Divide the project into some manageable tasks
Set a time frame for each task
Set to work according to your plan
Try to maintain the time limit
Finish the task in the given time frame.
Revise the project

This planning helps you to have a clear cut idea about what you will be working on each day. This also saves your time. Your attitude should be a positive one. That is you should believe in yourself and have confidence in your working ability.

How goal setting helps

There are many benefits of setting goals. Setting of goals gives you a clear idea of what time table you will be following. The other benefits are as follows-

Saves time
Makes the project more understandable
Reduces stress
This helps you to complete the job within the given time frame.

The technique of goal setting can be used in your personal life also. For example if you want to loose weight or you want to go for a diet. Set your goals and try to work on them. Eventually you will be successful.