What Jay Abraham And Napoleon Hill Taught Me About ‘Wealth Attraction’

This article is a little different from some of the previous ones I’ve written about success principles.

Let’s go back to when I was first starting out as an entrepreneur. In fact, I wasn’t even an entrepreneur yet. I was trying to become one.

I’d been listening to tapes of Napoleon Hill’s ‘Your Right To Be Rich’ seminar…over and over and over. I listened day and night.

As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning? Napoleon Hill.

During the day? Napoleon Hill.

While I slept? Napoleon Hill!

It didn’t matter to me that I’d listened to it 5…10…20 times in a row. And this wasn’t a 1-hour CD either. It was 14 hours of only Napoleon Hill!

Imagine what that’s like: wanting to succeed so badly that you’d be willing to listen to the same talk every day until you made a difference.


I completely saturated my consciousness with Dr. Hill’s message.

After a few weeks, I reached a state where I no longer needed a motivational shot in the arm; I now had within me an overwhelming desire to take ACTION.

Only there was a problem:

I had a ROADBLOCK in my life.

My roadblock was that I had this wealth of information around me; tons of personal development books, cds and tape sets…yet I didn’t know exactly what I should be doing.

I was motivated to take action but I had no idea what action to take.

I didn’t know how to convert ideas into dollars.

I was stuck.

I remember sitting at my desk, looking at all these titles by Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Harv Eker, Robert Allen and so many others. This wealth of knowledge and wisdom surrounded me and I didn’t have a clue what to do with it all.

All I could do was ask out loud…WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

Let me tell you: when you ask the right questions, you’ll get the right answers.

The next thing I did was I pulled out a tape set by Jay Abraham called ‘Your Secret Wealth’ and started listening to it..

On the tapes, Jay spoke about ‘Seeing Opportunities Around You’.

Opportunity is everywhere and there are SO MANY different ways to make money.
You just have to be able to recognize them.

So I started trying to “see” opportunity. I looked for it everywhere I went.

What was the value of things around me?

And was I perceiving a greater or lesser value in them than other people?

Training my mind to perceive opportunity opened my awareness and I was then able to see opportunities where I never would have seen them before.

In fact, I went on to become a PowerSeller on eBay for 2 years because of this. And I didn’t even start out with any merchandise!

That said, what I’m going to share with you now is a simple technique you can implement immediately to make extra money for yourself.

However, this technique is so simple and easy to put into practice that there’s a good chance you will take it too lightly. That you’ll say, “that’s not a big deal. I know that already.”

This would actually be a mistake on your part because then you won’t reap the rewards either.

Ok, are you ready for an exercise that is guaranteed to quickly and easily bring you more money in your life?

Here’s what you do:

Up to 15 times each day, I want you to ask (out loud): “How Can I Make Money?”

That’s it.

Don’t ask 15 times in a row like you had to when you were caught chewing gum in school.

Ask once at a time, throughout the day, with all your attention and with sincerity:

“How Can I Make Money?”

Then Listen.

Listen, because the answer will come to you.

And so will the money!

Have a Great Day and Let’s Make This Your Year!

Keith Matthew

5 Simple Steps To Manifest More Money With The Law Of Attraction

Almost everyone I know wants to know how they can increase their cash flow. Perhaps you have questioned why some people seem to always have money while others struggle just to make ends meet.

I think it is safe to say that most of the world uses and needs money to survive. Although everyone uses and needs money, not everyone has a healthy view about money. Many religions teach that money is the “root of all evil”. They hold on to cliché’s such as “the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.”.

If you want more money in your life, then you’ve got to show money love. This may sound strange to you, but the law of attraction simply stated says “like attracts like”.

Attracting money into your life is much like a love relationship. If you want to attract that sexy woman or that handsome guy into your life, then you call them on the phone. You meet together on a dinner date.

Perhaps you write love letters or sweet poems. You find out what the person likes and make a little surprise gift. You keep a picture of that person in your wallet. You are in love. This is basically what the law of attraction is about. It’s not just saying or writing affirmations. It’s not just using pictures to visualize things. It’s putting your whole heart, soul and mind into it.

With money, it has to be the same way. First step to attracting money is;

1. Realize money is like electricity. In of itself, it is not good or evil. Much like electricity, you can use it to do a lot of good or cause a lot of unhappiness. Many people blame money for their mistakes and are afraid to face responsibility for their own life.

2. Everything that you want to manifest requires a specific spirituality accordingly. Spirituality is an intense feeling for something. It is a healthy and balanced love for something. If you are afraid to love money, how can you ever expect it to want to come to you? Remember, this is a healthy and balanced love.

3. Keep pictures or symbols of money to help you focus and remind you of your intention. You can use pictures of money, real money, or symbols such as rocks or marbles. Use whatever works best for you.

4. Take action. Don’t just take an action for action’s sake, but meditate and think it through. Trust your subconsciousness to lead you to do the right action, but nonetheless don’t expect for things to just fall out of the sky into your lap.

5. Imagine. Use your imagination of what you would feel like if you were wealthy. Exactly how much money would you like to have. When? Make it crystal clear into your mind and then work with the feeling of already having it now. I recommend this should be done on a daily basis for at least half an hour, but again, do what works best for you. Remember that you want to do this regularly and you want this to be a fun thing, not a chore.

These are just a few simple steps that can help you expand your money consciousness. If you would like more information about using the law of attraction to increase your wealth, health and overall happiness in life visit http://www.EnigmaValdez.com