How Do I Manifest My Desires

If you are asking the question how do I manifest, then read this. Learning to manifest your desires is similar to learning

to swim.

So how is swimming similar to manifesting?

Both manifesting and swimming requires total trust, i.e. letting go. In the case of manifesting, you need to let go

of your need to control the outcome and trust that you shall receive that which you seek.

In the case of swimming you trust that you will not drown.

Everyon*e who has learned to swim will tell you that fear causes you to sink. Lack of fear allows you to float. And

even if you go down it will be temporary and you’ll soon bob back to the surface.

It is the same with trying to manifest your desires. It should be practically fait accompli (It’s already done). Accept your desires as alrea*dy having been fulfilled. If you have any doubts whatsoever, that this is not so, you will fail to attract your desires.

You can fool people, but you cannot fool the Universe. Every thought, feeling or doubt, no matter how slight is vibrated out to the Universe.

I only learned to swim now recently and it was while in the pool that I realized the parallels between swimming and manifesting.

I was baffled by the fact that I had difficulty keeping my hea*d above water, while experienced swimmers didn’t have such a problem. They would swim effortlessly while I struggled.

That was until my instructor said this: “The reason you sink is because you don’t trust the water to keep you up. You’re afraid that if you let go, you’ll go down.”

And then it hit me. It is the same with manifesting your desires!

No trust, no manifestation.

It’s only when you totally and unequivocally trust that your desires are as good as having alrea*dy been delivered, that the manifestation will appear.

The proof of your total trust is when you express your gratitude and already start celebrating, in spite of your present reality which may be the exact opposite of what you profess.

However, just as it is with swimming, getting to that point doesn’t happen overnight. We first have to let go of our fears which is a product of our past experiences

Until we choose to change and do things differently, we will continue to get the things we’ve always gotten.

So in short the answer to the question, how do I manifest, is to just trust.

Trust that the Universe/God wants what’s best for you and is fully capable to supply what you want.

Trust that if you follow the laws of attraction and of manifestation, you shall certainly have everything you want.

Trust that just as the water lifts you up and lets you float, the Universe shall keep your head above the tides of life, irrespective of how fearful things may seem right now.

Manifest Your Desires – Improve Your Life

Is everyone in the world living the life that they want, the life that they dream of? The answer to that is no. We can look around and see that not everyone is happy with their life and circumstances. We can talk to our friends about hopes and dreams and what type of life we desire, but what are you actually doing to have that life? Do you know anyone that has their dream life? The answer is yes to that question, have you talked to them about how they got, or do you just think, “Man they’re really lucky.” More important, why aren’t you doing the right things to manifest your dreams and improve your life?

What Stops Us From Manifesting Our Desires?

Before I tell you what stops us, think about it for a minute. Why haven’t you taken the necessary steps to get what you want? I will give you two reasons that really cover anything you can say as to why you aren’t: those reasons are fear, non-belief. You are afraid to take the risk, it will cost you too much, figuratively speaking. You don’t believe that you are entitled to that life you want and/or you don’t believe that you can have the life you want.

Someone may try to tell me that their desires are unrealistic. They are unrealistic because you think they are unrealistic, and that falls to reason two – you don’t believe it is possible. Why dream about a life different from the one you are living and wish that you could have all these different things if you don’t really believe that you can have them? Because secretly, you know there has to be a way to get that life, achieve those dreams of yours and meet your desires.

The good news is, there is a way for you to have the life of your dreams. The even better news is that I am going to tell you how. Stop though, right now and understand this. What I am about to tell you requires you to change the way you think everyday, about most everything. Yes, I know I can hear you saying, “Oh no problem, that’s easy,” if it was so easy then you would be doing it already. It is not easy and it takes conscious effort on your part. Really the only one you are not helping is yourself, so if you would like to change that, then from here on out I want you to be very self aware of what you are thinking from now on. There is no room in your thought process for anything negative anymore.

Steps Required to Manifest Desires

1.Stop your negative thinking. There is to be NO more, “I can’t”, “It won’t”, “Not me” and thoughts of that nature. This step right here will make the difference between having that dream life or not.
2.According to the Law of Attraction you bring to you what you put out there. So if you are thinking “I am never going to be out of debt”, what the universe is hearing is “I want debt”. The universe works in a positive mode, it doesn’t hear the “don’t” part, only want and then it tries to deliver it to you.
3.Know what you want. Sit down right now and make a list of exactly what you want. Put that list somewhere where you can see it everyday. And say, “I will have the 2007 BMW,” or whatever you want it to be.
4.Be thankful for what you have already. Seriously, if you don’t appreciate what you have, though it may not be ideal, why should you get something new? Be thankful for everything around you.
5.Know that everything on that list of yours is coming to you. And say that to yourself with conviction daily, repeatedly.

Of course the next question is always when can I get it then? A lot of that depends on you.

How Long Does it Take to Manifest

It really will depend on you. Every negative thought you have is ten times stronger then a positive one. So it is very important that you are conscious of your thoughts and make sure that they are positive.

It also depends on what you want. Money, if you are thinking everyday, all day, “I can afford that,” “I have more money then I know what to do with,” you will have more money then you know what to do with. The extra money may start off slow, but it will come and then you will get to the point where there is money coming from everywhere, as you wanted.

How quick it comes also depends on your actions. If you are at work thinking I know that promotion is mine, but you sit at work and do nothing, show up late, leave early, don’t go in, you are decreasing the likelihood of getting that promotion. So you have to act like you already have the promotion, doing the best job that you can.

The timeframe could be days, weeks, months, maybe a year. In the grand scheme of life though, if you walked around everyday knowing that you will have what ever you want, does it really matter if it takes 6 months? You know it is coming, and therefore it will. Our thoughts are powerful little things, use them wisely.

Living a Life of Manifest Abundance

This is key; this goes along with what I keep saying. Live like it is already yours. Live like you have money, in other words stop worrying about money. I made a drastic change in the way I budgeted and finances. I don’t do it anymore. There is no budget, and never do my wife and I ever say we can’t afford it or that something cost too much. Since we have made that change coupled with the belief that we have money and we will always have money, we are never tight on money anymore.

I know you don’t believe me, few people do. But I will tell you this, my wife and I have no stress. We don’t worry about money, there is no arguing between us or with our children, we have a very nice house we are looking at new cars, there is no stress. We know it is all ours already. It is a different way of living, but one I prefer to the way I was.

You can have the life you want, if you truly want it. The nice houses, the nice cars, money to spare and have fun with, the job of your dreams, the promotion you want they are all yours already. Believe that, know that, be thankful for what you have and your desired life will become your life before you know it.