How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is the urge to do something with set aims. There can be so many factors behind lack of motivation and one should need to look for those factors to overcome them and remain focused and motivated. Sometimes inside motivation become hurdle in achieving one aims.

Following are given few points which help you to boost your motivation level and remain motivated in order to achieve your goals.Always keeps your self-esteem high. Never under estimate your abilities or degrade yourself in front of others. Your self-esteem in fact shows your motivation level. If your self-esteem is high, then naturally you feel motivated and take things positively and if you are the one who always doubt his or her abilities, motivation level will not be high in that case.Take things positively.

Whatever you are doing or thinking, always take it positively, think positive and expect good results as well. This will in turn raise your motivation level and you will perform well in your work. On the other hand, if you think negative that lessens the motivation level and you will not be able to achieve your goals.Many ups and downs come in one s life. No one keep the same mood all the time. At times, you feel down and discouraged. In that case you need not to panic, try to focus on your aims and goals. Try not to pay any attention to negative aspects of life, be positive and keep your focus on your goals . It is important to spare some time for relaxation and other activities. Working day in and day out is not good for your physical as well as mental health. If you put more stress of work on yourself, it will end up in losing your motivation level. Balance between things is very much important.Always keep your observation strong. Having enough knowledge about things sometime helps you to achieve your goals quite easily.Don t afraid of failures.

Take these failures as a source of motivation rather than giving up. Keep struggling to achieve your goals, try different things and find different ways to tackle the problem.Be realistic in your approach, don t run behind things which are almost impossible to achieve. By doing so, you are not only wasting your time but also your precious energies.Be in the company of people, which are a source of motivation for you. For instance, if you want to achieve something, consult those people who have already achieved it, by talking to them, you will definitely get motivated!

Live a Life You Love: The KEY to Overcoming the Two Biggest Blocks

What is the key to living a life you love? First, you must know your vision, then you must transform those life-beliefs and patterns which hold you back from realizing that vision. OK, but how do you do that? In three words: CONNECT TO SOURCE. This can be said a plethora of different ways and certainly has been, over thousands and thousands of years. Yet, the message is as pertinent and urgent, perhaps more so, than ever before.

You see, we are born into this world connected to Source, and then over time we lose that connection. It’s normal, natural, and divinely designed that way. In our need to integrate successfully into society we have to develop a “self” that is distinct and can interact in healthy ways with other “selves” we find ourselves surrounded by. Some call this process domestication. Through this process we must define who we are as separate from others, as separate from the world; we are developing our personality and our place in the world. With that done, however, the task then becomes to reconnect to the source from which we came. Sadly, many people never achieve this next level of maturation in their experience of being human; they continue on, productively or unproductively, as individual personalities in the sea of life.

However for others, the call of spirit is clear and we must respond. We feel a yearning in our experience that we can’t quite explain. Something is missing, and it ain’t “out there.” This often begins a journey of seeking and exploration. We’ve got to find something that fills the hole inside, that meets the need of this yearning we are experiencing.

Some turn to drugs, others numb out with TV and distractions, others paste it over with whatever they can, by being busy, busy, busy and pretending all is OK. But in the end, the only thing that will fill that hole and meet that need forever and for good, is Great Spirit, the Source of life, the Unified Field, the Vacuum, your Higher Self. It goes by many names. Ultimately, they are all the same.

Now, you may think I’m starting to sound religious, and this is not a “religious” newsletter, unless you think of religion as I do, which is from the words re and ligous, or re ligament, meaning to re-connect. Yes, under that definition, this is a religious message; I want you to reconnect to the source of life, to that place from which we came and to which we all return.

When we do that (and we do it again and again, and again) our life is exponentially expanded. You are now literally connected to INFINITE intelligence. This infinite intelligence, since it knows all, offers you the highest, best, and most inspiring vision for your life. Anything else comes from small, little, separate you, and because of that is fraught with issues, challenges, and ultimate dissatisfaction. You must connect with your Highest Self to access your vision and purpose for being alive, the vision that has all the power you’ll ever need and leads to the fulfillment for which there is no substitute.

So, to get the vision for your life that leads to the fulfillment you desire, you must connect to Source. Now, what about all the limiting beliefs holding you back? The beauty of a Source-inspired vision is that it has all the energy and power within it to pull you through those limiting beliefs. This vision is bigger than you, it’s about more than your little separate-self getting things, controlling things, or having some pleasurable moments (all things our fear-based ego wants). This vision is beyond you and will make a positive impact on the planet for many people. Because of that, you’ll find that you will have the energy, desire, and capacity to deal with your limiting belief patterns and get on with manifesting your vision.

You see, when a vision comes from our little, separate-self it is “all about us.” And, quite frankly, we don’t have the energy to clear the belief patterns holding us back when it’s all about us. However, when it’s about us AND other people, NOW we have the energy to get up off our butts and deal with whatever we have to deal with. While most of us are willing to hurt ourselves (be lazy, not take care of ourselves, and wither away), we would never want to do that to others. Hence, when our vision becomes about other people, we must “take care of our crap” so others can receive the gifts and benefits of our Source-based vision. It’s beautiful how it works this way.

To clear the subconscious limiting beliefs you may have to engage various techniques and processes. However, because you have a truly inspiring vision, which positively impacts the lives of others, it will pull you forward. You’ll deal with these things and get moving on. So, get connected to Source, outline your vision coming from there, and start walking down the path!

Try this:

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being no connection, and 10 being deep connection) how connected to Source, the Unified Field, Infinite Intelligence, Great Spirit are you? Take a deep breath and ask inside: “How might I increase my connection?” Write that down and consider taking action on that insight. Then ask: “How Source-inspired is my vision? Am I living the highest, most plugged-in vision, for my life?” Take a deep breath and ask inside: “What is the highest, most plugged-in vision for my life?” Make a note of what comes up and consider shaping your life vision accordingly.

Congratulations – you’re one step closer to your mojo!

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction To achieve your goals and become A Millionaire

What exciting times we live in! More people are now “wakened” to the idea of being able to direct their destiny. I have come across a lot of people wanting to apply the Law of Attraction, particularly to attract more wealth and fortune into their lives. It is probably one of the most important areas for which people truly see a change to transform their reality. At the same time I have read numerous books and articles devoting at least one chapter to this topic. In this article I thought I’d share some of the techniques I came across and techniques I use myself.

The first recommended technique is to really see yourself as a millionaire and feel yourself already being a millionaire. Focus on wearing clothes that make you feel prosperous and doing the things a millionaire does, such as looking at amazing houses and going out for lunch. Really focus on wealth and abundance instead of on lack or limitations, not having enough etc as that is what you will keep getting otherwise. If you think you “need” money then that is exactly what you will be attracting to your life: more “needing”! If you feel broke, guess what… you will attract more “broke-ness” to your reality.

On the other hand, if you focus on an abundance of money flowing into your life and you really feel this abundance in every fibre of your body, you will create “money attracting vibes”! The interesting thing is that the more you focus on abundance in your life, the more the “standard” in your mind shifts towards having money. Combined with the right action you will eventually attract that wealth into your reality. Your ideas and feelings shift from “I don’t have money” to “I am receiving more and more money” to eventually actually having it.

Another technique is to visualize your actual fortune. If your goal
is to become a millionaire, then write out a check made out to you for 1 million dollars and hang it somewhere in your house where you will see it often. Better still, make copies and hang them all around your house! Visualize a stream of money flowing into your life, like a river. Or visualize your bank account with a million dollars in it. You could even print out a bank statement, white out the amount and replace it with a huge number. See yourself with a full wallet, happily paying diner for a group of friends. Or anything else that you wish you could do if you had the money. Becoming a millionaire is great, but I assume you have this goal because you have some ideas as to how to spend it once earned. So really see yourself already wealthy! What you see in your imagination, is what you will eventually see for real with your eyes! This method is called “vivid visualization” and is extremely powerful. By practicing it, you will find that your self-image begins to conform to these new images in your mind. You are literally growing into the new successful person you intent to become.

A key factor here is to stop worrying about HOW it will come to you. The universe will take care of that, you need to believe that and focus on positive feelings and vibrations. This will attract the events, circumstances and people into your life to make your goal a reality. Look at your million dollar check and feel the feelings of having that money right now. How would you spend it? How would it feel to spend that kind of money?

A final important point to know, is that if you don’t have enough money right now, it means you are blocking the flow of money into your life, with your thoughts. Your wallet speaks very clearly about the vibrations you are sending out into the universe about money at this present moment. So have a really good look at your own beliefs about money. If your beliefs are limiting and scarce, you will need to address this before you can attract your true fortune. You can work on a more positive and abundant belief system by using affirmations. Use affirmations like “I am so happy and excited that I am now attracting a flow of money into my life” or “I easily attract money like a magnet”.

Combine the vivid visualization technique with empowering affirmations and the action steps you need to further your goals. This creates a powerful process, and gets you on your way to becoming a millionaire!