Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules For Success

He’s a motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former television host, and former politician.

As a motivational speaker, he uses the catch phrase “it’s possible!” and teaches people to follow their dreams as he learned to do.

He was the host of The Les Brown Show.

He’s Les Brown and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.



How To Create More Success

How to Create More Success

I’m sure you have heard many times that “success starts with your mind” Well, it’s true, before you can change your life you MUST change your thinking. Now there are a number of reasons why changing and developing your thinking is important.

First of all by developing this type of thinking you will take control of your future. Therefore success is totally controlled by you and not effected by external influences.

However, what I would like to do in the rest of this article is talk about three strategies in particular which you can immediately put into action to help you develop your business success.

So lets begin:

How to Create More Success.

Success Strategy No 1 – Find Yourself A Mentor

Almost all of the self-improvement experts out there today, agree that finding yourself an appropriate mentor is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life, not just in business, but personally as well. But don’t think you can have only one either, I have many mentors in my life at the moment, including business mentors and personal development mentors.

The main idea behind this success strategy is to find someone that has the necessary knowledge and/or skills to advise and train you on developing a particular skillsets for your business, or mindset to help grow you as a person. This strategy is used by pretty much EVERY successful business person on the planet, so is a strategy that you should
definitely use if you truly want business and personal success.

Success Strategy No 2 – Success Leaves Clues

This next step involves finding someone who has achieved the success you desire. The great personal development expert Tony Robbins says “The Best and most effective way to achieve success in your chosen field is to find somebody who is already achieving the success you want, find out what it is they do on a daily basis to achieve this success and then copy them”.

Quite a simple strategy if you really think about it. Just make sure the successful person you copy is right for you. You can of course use the mentor you have found in strategy 1 for this as well. I have found that this is actually the best way to move forward in business and quite often the person I try to model is my mentor at the time.

Success Strategy No 3 – Self Evaluation is the Key

Knowing your own weaknesses is probably more important than knowing your strengths. The people who succeed in life almost always know their weaknesses, knowing your weaknesses can have a very positive impact on your business life especially, because it allows you to only concentrate on the things you are good at whilst ensuring that other people do the things you consider to be your weak points.

However discovering your weaknesses is not as easy as it sounds, because believe it or not, your own ego will get in your way. So it’s more about becoming self-aware, and actually looking at yourself as you truly are. Meditation is good for this, as it allows you to go inwards and discover who you really are. Typically, the ordinary person only sees a reflection of their body when the look in the mirror not their authentic self.

So, if you find yourself challenged in this area, meditation is the way forward. I consistently practice meditation every day and can highly recommend that you do to. But remember to use strategy No 1 and find yourself a meditation mentor to help you do this effectively.

How to Create More Success.

In Summary.

You will find that the most common word used by any mentors or teachers you choose to associate yourself with, will be “action”. That is because the most common reason why people fail at anything is lack of action taking.

Now, there are all sorts of reasons that people use for not taking action; perhaps it is a lack of confidence, fear, etc. Worrying over failure instead of focusing on success, believing that they are not yet ready. You MUST begin where you are now, with whatever tools or knowledge you have now!

So Take Action! Take Action! Take Action!

If you truly want the major breakthroughs in life, that will help you to create more success you need to be able to work through the things that scare you–both personally as well as professionally. You may well be scared beyond belief, but feeling the fear and doing it anyway by taking the appropriate action will help to propel you to stratospheric levels of success both personally and in your business.

I hope this helps you.

All the best

The First Step to Real Success

Do you want to have success? Do you want to feel a … Success is what many people are striving for. Success is deemed to be the ultimate goal to strive towards. That’s fine to a degree,

Do you want to have success? Do you want to feel a successful
person? Success is what many people are striving for.
Success is deemed to be the ultimate goal to strive towards.
That’s fine to a degree, because we all need to head towards
something worthwhile. However, one of the problems I’ve
noticed is that, although many people say they want success,
they can’t define it clearly. Their definition of success is

People tend to measure success in material possessions or
monetary terms. Typically by statements like, “When I’m a
millionaire I’ll feel successful” or “When I have a top of
the range luxury car I’ll know I’ve reached success.” Success
is often put on a pedestal, at a distance. All too often,
before these goals are reached, they’re extended. It’s almost
as if the closer they get to success, the further away they
move the goal posts.

When we define success, we often compare ourselves to others.
It’s too easy to look at another person’s perceived success
and think if we had that as well, we would be successful.
We strive for the possessions others have in order to
experience success. If we don’t get them, we feel a failure.
Or we get these material possessions and then discover that
having them isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so we still
don’t necessarily feel successful. When you compare yourself
to others you’re likely to be left feeling a failure. When
your idea of success comes down to money or material
possessions, you often wake up and realise there’s something
missing in your life. Success is about much more than that.

I’m not suggesting you forget the monetary aspect of success,
because this is certainly a part of it. But it is only a
part. True success encompasses all areas of your life and
when you measure all of them, your success will be more
balanced. The different areas of your life to consider are:

Physical environment
Personal Development

The measurement of your success goes beyond work and business.
When we get too tied up in measuring our success through what
we do for a living, we can come crashing down if we’re made
redundant or the business ceases.

Success is often talked about. It’s one of those things that
many people are striving for, but fear at the same time. We
talk about people and label them as successful. Yet success
as a word is often without any real meaning for most people.
Success is held up as something to aim for.

If you’re chasing other people’s versions of success, you’re
not likely to experience it yourself. You will only feel and
be successful when you do it your own way. The first step
towards real success is to define success for yourself. The
dictionary defines ‘success’ as the achievement of something
desired, planned or attempted. Your definition will
different from other people’s. Success isn’t an end result
or a goal; it’s a process and a journey to be enjoyed.

“There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in
your own way” – Christopher Morley

Success needs to be exciting and fill you with enthusiasm,
not put you under undue pressure. Let your definition of
success give you plenty of opportunities to celebrate. Your
measure of success should challenge youArticle Submission, to really bring our
your best rather than allow you to become complacent.

How will you know when you’re successful? What is your own
definition of success?