Find out how music helps during all situations

Music is our constant companion and here’s some guidelines as to what music should be played when.

Music not only helps in bringing a smile to our face but also helps combat tension, anxiety and create focus

We always use music to change or deepen the ways we’re feeling making it perfect for psychotherapy and self-help. However, the art lies in finding the right sort of music that connects with one’s mood. We share a few guidelines.

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Music not only helps in bringing a smile to our face but also helps combat tension, anxiety and create focus

Experience Inner Peace

Inner Peace. Isn’t that what we’d all love to experience consistently as we weave our paths through everything life gives us? The good news is that it is far simpler to attain than many of our outer (material or physical) goals. The bad news is that simple isn’t always easy! Attaining inner peace is not easy because it means replacing old habits with new, and that requires dedicated commitment. But the benefits are absolutely worth the effort.

Inner peace gives you the ability to live your life with a sense of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment which is not disturbed or influenced by outside events. How do you acquire it? By living your life your own way, not how others think you should. By not worrying about what others think of you – we all judge others (both positively and negatively) according to our own values, but if we try to live our lives in a way which honours somebody else’s values rather than our own, we’ll always have a little gnawing discomfort going on deep inside.

To experience inner peace, we also need to be able to forgive and to let go of guilt. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Feeling guilty about past actions won’t change them and won’t make anybody feel any better (either you or the person whom you’ve hurt). Do what you can to put things right, resolve to do better in the future and move on.

Likewise, letting go of anger or grudges will bring about a surprising sense of peace. Think about it – how does holding onto these negative emotions help you? And do you think they hurt those against whom you hold them more than they hurt you? Not at all. They are your emotions and you are the only person whom they can harm.

Of course, it can be very difficult to forgive someone who’s hurt you, but what I’ve come to realize is that most people don’t maliciously set out to hurt others, and those who do are deeply unhappy themselves. The motivation behind their action was most probably some kind of fear rather than deliberately wanting to cause hurt or pain. And thought of in that context, it’s easier to let it go.

And with a little bit of practice at forgiveness, you may even find yourself getting less annoyed or angry with people in future. When you can shrug things off and not take things personally (it’s really about them, and not you at all), you’ll have a greater sense of inner peace. Our happiness is determined by how we think about the events in our lives, rather than by the events themselves. Take charge of your thoughts and you take charge of your emotions.

To achieve inner peace, you also need to let go of worry. Hmm, another tricky one! Worry is similar to guilt. Worrying about what might or might not happen is completely unproductive, and totally destroys your ability to enjoy the present moment. A great shame that, as the present moment is all we really have.

So, how do we learn to let go of worries, guilt and anger? Well, the first thing is to become consciously aware of what we’re thinking whenever we feel worried, guilty or angry. Notice what’s going on in your inner dialogue, and acknowledge that it’s your thoughts about the external event that’s causing you to feel the way you do, and not the event itself. Then reframe your thoughts to reflect what’s going on around you in a more positive light. Whenever you catch yourself thinking the old thought, banish it immediately and replace it with the new one.

“No-one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by virtue of how you process your world.” — Dr Wayne Dyer

This will take a lot of practice but with patience and persistence you will develop a lighter inner dialogue that promotes a feeling of well being and inner peace, and the world will feel like a far better place to live in!

5 Leading Pointer To Improve Your Spirits

If you’re feeling like everything is getting on top of you, or you’re discovering it challenging to cope or function, or you’re feeling down in the dumps, then try these 5 easy-to-do suggestions to relieve tension and tension and boost your spirits:.
1. Take a peaceful bath. Add music, candlesticks and a glass of your favored drink: draft beer, herbal tea, warm chocolate, wine or even champagne. Close the door and forget every little thing else for a hr approximately. This helps to boost levels of peace and the calmer we feel, the much less most likely we are to obtain stressed out or depressed.
2. Funny evening: get in your beloved nibbles: chips, tortillas, salsa, biscuits, cheese, pizza, chocolate, cookies, ice cream and so on. Crack open up a container of wine or put yourself a beer or more and spend a full night watching your favorite hilarious movies or comedians. Laughter elevates our spirits and is a fantastic antidote to the pressures and trials of modern-day living.
3. Get out of the shooting line: Remove for some peace and quiet for a day or much better still a weekend or a week. Take a journal, relax and gather your thoughts. When we’re under pressure or having a hard time to cope with a major scenario or occasion in life, seeing answers to our problems could be actually difficult. Distance from issues can deliver quality and alleviate stress. I love visiting the shore when I seem like this and it always, consistently, aids me to relax and locate options. I don’t know why but there’s something actually soothing regarding being near the sea. Being near water, pertained to think about it.
4. Boost peace and feel excellent by indulging in massage. Share a massage with your companion– develop a relaxing atmosphere by softening the lights and have oils and towels to hand. Lavender oil is specifically relaxing. Or, manage on your own to a massage from an expert masseur or masseuse. For a really invigorating massage, check out a Turkish baths if you’re fortunate enough to have one nearby. Massage is extremely peaceful and raises intimacy between lovers. It’s one huge stress buster also yet be alerted, it’s addictive! Not a bad point to be addicted to while, and it will do you limitless good.
5. Spend a week without enjoying any kind of television. Tv can pack your mind with negative thoughts, bombard you about picture adjustment via commercials and give you a distorted sight of fact by showing you every little thing that misbehaves regarding the world. Starvations, disasters, murders, brutality, war– the list is countless– and information programs and daytime soap are full of such occasions. So offer your thoughts a break from this attack on your senses. Leave the television for a week and do something more satisfying instead: Read through a publication, listen to music, interact socially, workout, go with a stroll or attempt your hand at something brand-new. If you have to hear the news, pay attention to a radio news once a day. However attempt and avoid them for one week, change them about something more life improving and see exactly how you feel.
The above ideas are very easy to carry out however they are additionally extremely effective in helping to soothe anxiety and stress. Offer them a shot and enjoy your state of mind levels climb!