How to restore ,freedom ,peace and reclaim your authentic self

Anxiety is largely the result of what I call ’emotional landmines’ i.e. negatively charged memories stored in your unconscious mind and body that keep getting re-triggered by daily events. The triggering of these ‘landmines’ leads to anxiety and other painful emotional and physical experiences causing an array of avoiding behaviours. These behaviours cannot be changed or reprogrammed by tackling the problem with the behaviour alone. If you would like to know how to delete and permanently diffuse the landmines, take charge and reclaim control over your life – read on.
When you experience a negative event in your life, it is instantly stored inside you as a negative memory. The memory of the event remains with you for life. Sadly this means that you are also stuck with all that negativity. As most individuals have no other way to deal with those painful memories, there is a tendency to suppress them from conscious awareness and therefore relegate them to the storehouse which we call the unconscious mind/body.

This suppression serves to temporarily and precariously keep the unpleasantness out of the consciousness so that one can function on a daily basis. Sadly however, these buried memories behave much like landmines that can be triggered to go off at any time.

Events in one’s day resemble older memories which will trigger much of the older feelings into consciousness, thus destabilising the individual. Often this is accompanied by anxiety and panic which are essentially warning signals that the unconscious negativity is threatening to break through.
What is also unfortunate is that each time these landmines go off they then become “new” negative events that also get recorded as negative memories in the unconscious mind. This has the effect of increasing the number and intensity of the landmines stored within. As you can imagine this will ultimately tax an individual’s energy resources and leave them feeling incapacitated.

There is now a new coaching process that can permanently delete such emotional landmines from the unconscious mind, thereby leaving one feeling peaceful, carefree, in control, stable, centred, grounded, confident, positive and empowered. To find out how this can help you, contact me via the link below to request a complimentary 1 hour phone/Skype introductory coaching session.

Felicity Muscat is the Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery which was created to help others fulfil the truest, highest, and most authentic expression of themselves in all areas of life.

If you have tried other approaches that have failed and are ready for change, request a complimentary introductory phone/Skype coaching consultation to help you get started on your journey back to your peak performing empowered and alive self today. To learn more and explore others’ success stories, download Felicity’s eBooks.

Felicity Muscat, former psychologist is now an international self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-mastery life coach. Felicity is also a relationship and success coach, author of three best-selling books and Level 3 mind resonance coach.

Top 5 Tips for Getting What You Want in Business and in Life

If you want to succeed in life, and you want to live a life that makes you happy, then you have to have a plan. You cannot drift through life and expect to succeed. Creating a plan, especially a written plan, and then carrying it out, and you will reach your goals and live your dreams.
This works whether you want to succeed in business or in life. Consider the following areas as a starting point: health, wealth, and relationships. The key is to find success in all these three areas.

1. Evaluate your life and then decide what you want.

Start with where you are at. Do you have the career you want? Do you have the relationships you want? How about your health? This is where you start. Ask yourself these questions then try to set a goal in each area. These don’t have to be big goals. Set small goals to start and achieve those goals. It gives you confidence when you achieve your goals, and then you can set larger goals to achieve.

2. Look at your obstacles and take steps to eliminate them.

What do you believe that is holding you back? What do you need to learn to help you reach your goals? Write these things down. It may not be easy to figure out why you believe what you believe. What you have to decide is whether or not your belief system serves you. Ask yourself these questions and keep asking them until you get the answers you need to resolve these issues.

3. Create a plan of action to follow to achieve your goals.

Once you know what you want, and you know what obstacles you are facing, then create your action plan. These are the steps you need to take to reach your goals. Your plan may be as detailed as possible. Just remember to be flexible. Add or delete steps as needed and stay focused.

4. Take action.

Taking action is key to reaching your goals. Consistency is important. Make it a point to take action on your goals every day. Visualize yourself succeeding in your goals.

5. Do what works; don’t do what doesn’t.

If you don’t use feedback to tell you how you are doing, you won’t know how close you are to reaching your goals. You also won’t know what steps you really need to take next to get to your goals.

Set your goals, create a plan of action, and then take action. Stay focused and use feedback to help you adjust course so you reach your goals.

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