Top 5 Qualities Of Successful Achievers

Are you living your life by design like successful achievers or by chance?

Successful achievers are able to live the lives they want by design because they possess certain qualities that normal achievers don t have.
But you’ll probably be asking exactly what are these qualities that successful achievers have?

Take a few minutes to ponder and understand the qualities that most successful achievers possess below so that you can emulate them.

1) Know their Strengths And Weaknesses

They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They basically know what they are really good at and can even reach legendary levels in it if they pursue it. They also know what they are not really good at or weak in, or what they can’t do to save their lives. They know that this is a truth, an understanding, not an intention, goal or a desire. They know the difference between what is truly their core strengths and what is actually only a passing hobby or interest.

A true strength is something in which you know with every fibre of your being that you can get better and better at it, seemingly without any possible limits to your growth, evolution and improvement, until perhaps death stops you.The successful achievers also know how to skilfully ‘pull strings’ whenever a situation requires an ability that they are not particularly good at, to seek out those who can do the job to do it for them either for money or for an equal exchange of favours.

2) Clearly Identify Truly Congruent Desires, Visions And Goals

They follow what they are deeply passionate about and they know what they truly, deeply and absolutely want to achieve. They have intricate visions and set realistic goals about what they to achieve. They stick by strong sets of positive values, principles, philosophies and ethics and they use them in their quest to make their desires, visions and goals a reality.

3) Create Discipline From Within

They create their own self-discipline from within, inspired or generated by a clear understanding of their deepest, most coherent desires and have the congruence to translate their inner desires to reality through the execution of proper methods and pathways. They adhere to a system that works; but allow room for flexibility and growth within that system. To them, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. They ignore and do not give time or energy to opportunities (even so-called “once in a lifetime” opportunities) that are not aligned with their innermost values and desires.

4) Fail In Order To Succeed

They acknowledge that to succeed as soon as possible, they need to fail as quickly as possible and as many times as possible while learning along the way from their failures. Of course, this does not mean that you should deliberately seek to fail in your path to be wealthy. The trick is to minimise your risk as much as possible with whatever knowledge and information you have right now

When you ‘fail’, fail with as little time and money ‘wasted’ as possible. When you do, you’ll learn what you need to know to increase your personal effectiveness and realise that your ‘failures’ had not been ‘failures’ at all but lessons learned and that your money and time had not been ‘wasted’ but they had been investments to learn how to succeed more effectively. This is the power of perspective.

5) Start With Small Building Blocks, Then Expand Till They Get To The Big Structure

Whenever they manage to attain some measure of success initially, no matter how trivial, small or insignificant they may seem, they always think about how they can expand that success. They do this by expanding in some way the specific tactic that they had executed in attaining the results yielded.

So now that you have understood the 5 top qualities of successful achievers, are you ready to become one?


Golden rules on positive thinking

To maintain the power of positive thinking and the Top five rules is one of the hottest subjects today.

This is because people are realizing that positive thinking and a positive attitude does affect life significantly. Have you heard of the movie “The Secret” It quickly round the world.

Whether you see a glass as half-empty or half-full can affect the way you treat yourself.
We have control over our lives and our destiny. An idle brain is a devils’ workshop they say.
This is not a positive quote. However, using this ideology in mind, we ventured to write on positive thinking, so that something productive would be achieved of our minds.

Here are the top 5 rules for the power of positive thinking

1) Do you believe – you must believe.

You cannot pretend to be a positive thinker.

In positive thinking, cannot fake it, because nobody has to say. If somebody merely believes that you are a positive thinker, how can that benefit you? The most important of the ten rules of the power of positive thinking is that you yourself should believe it.

2) Be objective – This is very important for the ten rules for the power of positive thinking.

Many people tend to see their lives for their failures and thus, they lose all hope of ever attaining in their goal. Other people, full of false pride, tend to reinforce their success and all the wrong choices.

3) Surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude

– When you are engaged in an internal battle between your negative and positive self, you will need all the help you can get.
Allow to be surrounded by negative people that you simply drag your positive attitude toward the ground with their negativity.

4) Be healthy – All of the positive thinking in the world will not help you if you are six feet under, can it?

You have to keep your body healthy in order to fuel your positive thinking.
One step to achieve the power of positive thinking will take care of your body.

5) Switch negativity around – Remove all negative thoughts by repelling it outright when something negative enters your personality.

The channel that energy into positive thoughts.
Positive quotes and positive affirmations will help to keep negativity away.
Many individuals do not realize this, but we need these rules in order to appreciate life more. Some people think rules limit our achievements, but that’s wrong. Without any rules, we would have been extinct centuries ago. Rules to remove the chaos we call life and to impose rationality in them. Rules are what we use to help us understand the true meaning of life. Sometimes we try to rules to help us achieve our goals.

People make rules in order to help themselves achieve their goals in a manner that they can understand.

The rules are also used to help us understand life. People give out rules in order to help others get what they want. We can take any discovery, because the rules keep. It seems that people, when looking for rules, like to stick to it, which is a nice, round number.