Positive Affirmations – 5 For A Healthy, Happy You

Positive affirmations are statements you can use to direct your thoughts and create positive changes for yourself. They can be as simple as, “All is well,” or they can be much longer and varied.

Affirmations give you a way to shift your negative thoughts to one focused positive thought. Positive affirmations can serve as a mental oasis or a loud statement of desire. Making positive affirmations part of your daily routine is a powerful way to direct your thoughts and your life.

There are as many ways that you can use positive affirmations as there are different affirmations. The key is to use them with consistency. As with any new habit, you may want to pick a specific time of day to repeat your affirmations.

Morning is a wonderful time to repeat your affirmations as it sets your mood for the day. Concluding your evening with your positive affirmations is a wonderful way to relax into a good night’s sleep as well. Ten minutes in the morning and evening is really all you need. Don’t underestimate the wonderful effect that these ten minutes can create!

Five easy positive affirmations that you can start off with are:

I enjoy making healthy choices and supporting my body’s needs. All is well. I am safe and secure. All I need is provided to me with perfect timing. I give thanks that every day, in every way, I grow richer and richer. I go with the flow and enjoy my life and myself.

Find a few that really ring true for you and write them on cards or memorize them. Repeat them in the morning, evening and whenever you feel stressed or negative (commutes are perfect for repeating your affirmations). When practiced consistently, positive affirmations are incredibly powerful. Positive affirmations give you hope, power, peace and can shape your life in a wonderfully positive way!
Melissa Jayne has used positive affirmations to help bring about and support incredible change in her own life. She is the founder and editor of the website DesignYourAffirmations.com and hopes to help others live truly happy lives.


This is a case where it’s easy to think that good is good enough and get comfortable. Most of us live below our potential. As a result, we miss out on opportunities and therefore live below our true potential and hinder our ability to contribute to others.

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