Quick Self Esteem Boosts

If you are having one of those days where your self esteem seems to be dragging you down, instead of wallowing in self pity, take steps to boost yourself up!

Maybe you just woke up not quite feeling your best or made a significant mistake in front of someone important.  Perhaps you did not do as well as you thought on your test or did not excel at your interview.  Everyone has had a day where the world just did not seem to be on their side and that black cloud was persistently over their head.  Whatever the reason, learning a few tricks to quickly boost your self esteem will have a bounce in your step and your head in the clouds in no time!

Find a physically activity you enjoy doing.

Whether it is jogging, aerobics, or yoga, exercise is a sure-fire way to boost your self esteem.  If you are starting to feel low, take 15 minutes out of your day to exercise your worries away.  In addition to producing endorphins that raise your spirits, you will have lessened your chances for disease, heart attack, and stroke in one fell swoop.  If that capability is not enough to boost your self esteem, then think about the physical effects of exercise.  Even a brief amount of exercise is enough to trim and shape up your body.  The old saying, when you look good, you feel good is in full effect.


Take a second to be silly.

Whether you need a hearty belly laugh or a moment to dance by yourself, a second is enough time to feel good about yourself again.  Many websites will send jokes to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.  Sign up for this free service and open the e-mail when you are feeling low.  There is nothing like a good laugh to remind yourself what a great person you are.  Put on your favorite song and dance like there is no tomorrow.  In addition to easing your stress, your self esteem will shoot through the roof as the music brings back favorite memories.


Allow yourself a luxury.

Remind yourself you are important and worthy of the world on a silver platter.  When things are not going your way and you begin to question yourself, take time to reward yourself.  Whether it is a chocolate kiss or a pat on the back, your spirits—and self esteem—will be lifted.  Write down your goals that you have achieved and look back at them when you are feeling low.  Maybe you were the first person to graduate from college in your family.  Perhaps you just closed on a fantastic house.  Maybe you made President of your organization.  Whatever your accomplishment, allow yourself a minute to remind yourself of your worth.  Keep of your family and friends to remind yourself all these people are rooting for you to succeed.    Make yourself notes that congratulate yourself on handling a situation or completing a goal.


Learn from your mistakes.

   As the old adage goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Acknowledge where you made your mistake and forgive yourself.  That constant nagging guilt will ruin your self esteem.  Make the necessary means to rid the guilt, learn from your actions, and move on.  Think of mistakes as happy accidents or learning experiences.


Learn to Solve Your Problems

How much percentage in a class of 30 students would agree to you that Mathematics is a great subject? You might answer “around 10 to 35%” and that is all. True, most kids today are not thrilled to solve Mathematical equations not because they do not know the processes involved, but because of the lack of interest in it.

In a similar way, our daily activities do not mean 100% joy and 0% problems. At times, we have more problems than joy. Fortunately, some individual are skilled in handling problems right. Want to know their secrets?

Well, carefree people, as some might call them, have one thing in common: optimism. These kinds of people do not mean they never had problems before. Try remembering a colleague, a relative, a friend, or someone from your community who has the brightest smile at the start until the end of the day. How many times did you see that person frown? Carefree people are fun to be with because their attitude is contagious. Have you tried asking them how they carry their problems lightly? Below are their secrets:

1. Learn to control your feelings by separating negative feelings from positive thoughts. This is the first step in solving problems. Only after you have cleared your mind with unnecessary thoughts can you start solving your problems accordingly.

2. Treat each problem as challenge and opportunity for self-improvement.

3. Free that scapegoat attitude. Are you pointing your finger or blaming others for mishaps? Take responsibilities for your mistakes. No one is perfect, so never put the blames on others.

4. Use a pen and paper, and rate the depth of the problem and possible answers to your problem. Probability law principle will allow you to evaluate how far you have thought of resolving your problems.

5. Keep a journal and treat it as a “secret friend” who is always willing to listen to your grievances. Write your feelings freely.

6. Develop a noteworthy hobby, for this will help you lessen or minimize stress in your life.

7. Take time off from work and create variations of your daily schedule. Relax and check out the best movies in town. Travel and meet new wonderful people. You will find these activities worthwhile in the long run.

The above tips will help you optimize those positive feelings of yours. Say you are already consumed by some problems. Here are the 1-2-3 steps in doing your problem solving:

1. Determine the root cause of the problem. If you think it is difficult, ask hundreds of why’s and what’s and you will soon find out the cause.

2. Think, strategize, and act for resolution.

3. Develop a strong desire to solve the problem.

4. Review the situation for you to avoid repeating the same mistakes committed beforehand.

Consider that everybody experiences lowliness many times, but problems are problems. They are there not to annoy you; but problems are created when you cannot accept your limitations. Once you accept your limitations, problem solving is just a 1-2-3 step, hassle-free, and a life-sharpening experience indeed. Hence, never consume or lock yourself in your room when problem strikes. Think that problems are states of your being limited to something you need the most. But if you cannot have that important thing, accept it. Let go and you will free yourself with worries. Remember, less worries mean less problems. If you think that you really want some time out because of problems, consider that there is another room available for you called “improvement.”

Habits For Living A Bold and Authentic Life

For thousands of years, storytelling has been a way to pass down wisdom from one generation to the next. There is a reason for this.

Stories make accessible the wisdom of our elders and our peers. Through a tale well told, we find answers. Insight. Even hope.

And so our search for boldness, for authenticity in this life, begins with three stories. Each daring us to form a new habit. Each daring to go to another leve

-The Architect & Habit #1 – Take Ownership

He briefly looks over his client list. Frank Sinatra. Lucille Ball. Lon Chaney. His mind wanders. What a journey it has been. Beyond words.

That spaceship looking building at LAX. Other notable buildings. Will anyone know that he had a hand in those designs? He doubts it but that’s ok.

It has been one hell of a ride. A ride that started in the 1920’s and continued for forty years. It was a good run. A really good run.

And his talent for rendering architectural drawings upside down, that always caught their eye. But it was more than a trick.

It put his clients at ease because back then, many of his clients were uncomfortable sitting next to a black man. And that’s what he was. A black man.

The true story of Los Angeles architect Paul Williams.

Don’t make excuses and don’t blame others. Take personal responsibility for your life.

The Politician & Habit #2 – Be Mindful

His mastery with the pen would make even the most savage of warriors think twice. And so it was in the late 1800s. An adversary had appeared.

And he would strike that adversary down from the shadows, through an alias, no less. Anonymous articles submitted to a local newspaper.

All the key ingredients for sabotage were there. An anti-immigrant subplot. Charges of incompetence. Other nuances. But he overplayed his hand and got caught.

He would have to face his adversary in a duel to the death.

The 6’4” Abraham Lincoln wisely choose a broadsword as his weapon of choice. A wise decision because back then, men with Lincoln’s reach were very rare.

Upon seeing this, James Shields, Lincoln’s adversary, decided to work things out. The duel was over before it ever began. But for Lincoln, it was a wake-up call.

His emotions had gotten the best of him. It was a mistake he would not make again. Letters penned in anger, he decided, deserved a good night’s rest.

Learn to calmly sit with your emotions, no matter what. Let go of the need to control people, places, and things. Learn to mindfully react to all things.

The Imagineer & Habit #3 – Speak Your Truth

Would people ever truly get him? His inner world. The fantastical things going on inside his head. Did people get the importance of such things?

It didn’t matter. He would do them anyway.

Animation as high art. People had their doubts until he started winning Oscars. But what about the blending of technology and art? Not enough was being done there.

He would fix that.

And then he had the crazy idea of bringing his animated worlds to life. It would cost a fortune to build but it had to be done. He would build an amusement park without equal.

On July 17th, 1955– The Magic Kingdom opened its doors.

Walt Disney continually faced impossible odds and criticism. And yet his visionary convictions remained. His truth was non-negotiable.

You have but one life, make the most of it! Honor the voice within.

Everyday Humans Welcome

All that is well and good, but most of us will never become the next Walt Disney. What then? These habits offer as much value to you and me, as they do anyone else.

Taking ownership is getting fed up with your own excuses. It’s saying, enough is enough and grabbing the bull by the horns. It’s choosing to rise rather than fall.

Being mindful is simply not reacting. That’s it. Just don’t react. It’s grabbing your breath to get some perspective. It’s calmly working through a problem versus intensely reacting to a problem.

And honestly, for most people, speaking your truth can be as simple as saying “no” more often. Or it’s chasing a dream. Leaving a job. Or changing a circumstance.

Perhaps it’s time to tell all of your story, not just good stuff.

Absent these three fundamentals, little will change. Absent these three fundamentals, chaos and reaction will reign supreme.

But master these three fundamentals and everything changes. Your focus. Your sense of self. The results you get in all areas of life.

The pinball is no longer stuck between the bumpers.

Bob’s Zen like approach to business coaching has proven to be a game changer for creatives, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. His eclectic background includes running ad agencies, top-tier management consulting, directing and producing in film and theater. If you’re looking to become a rule breaking owner or creative, he offers a free coaching session