Being in a Constant State of Gratitude

Being grateful is a very strong method for attracting more of what you choose into your life. If you are grateful for what you already have then the universe will manifest many more good things in your life. The Law of Gratitude is a powerful natural law like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Gravity.

Why Being thankful for What You Already Have Will Bring You More
You need to be thankful everything you already have, what you already are, and everything you already do, before you can have all you want, be all you want to be, and do anything you want to do in the future.

How can you believe to grab more good things if you do not be appreciative what you already have?
Think of someone you might do favours for. How would you feel if he doesn’t really appreciate what you do for him? Maybe you will decide not to do him any more favours.

Why should you?
On the other hand, you do favours for another person who thanks you most sincerely and from the heart, really expressing his gratitude for what you do. Won’t you continue helping that person whenever possible in the future? You will do so, with zest, knowing that this person is genuinely appreciative.

What about giving gifts? When you give gifts, you should be giving without any view of receiving in return. You do, feel, however, the recipient to be grateful and acknowledge your gift in some way. If he expresses his gratitude, then you are more likely to give him more gifts in the future. If he is ungrateful or does not acknowledge your generosity, or never says “Thank You”, you may well decide not to give him anything else because he is ungrateful.
Well, it’s the same with the universe. If you are constantly expressing gratitude for what you have, the universe will be happy to shower you with many more good things for you to be grateful for. If you are not grateful for what you have, then the universe is unlikely to bring more good things into your life.

So How Does All This Magic Work?
Let’s go back to the Law of Attraction and the creative power of your thoughts. You are a human communication station, you send your thoughts out into the universe on a particular wave length, depending on how positive or negative these thoughts are.
Like a magnet, like attracts like. You attract to you the people, the events, the circumstances, the opportunities, the money, the car, the house, etc. that are vibrating on the same level on which you are transmitting your own thoughts.

When you are experiencing absolute feelings at the positive end of the scale, like love, forgiveness, happiness, and gratitude, the thoughts you are transmitting are vibrating on a very high level and you are now in sequence for the Law of Attraction to bring what you want into your life.

When you are grateful, therefore, you have opened up the channels to receive more things to be grateful for. You are unlocking the unlimited abundance available through the universe.

Why does gratitude have such a positive impact on your life? To understand this, think about how you feel when you are expressing gratitude. If you are grateful right now for something in your life, how do you feel? You feel happy, right? You cannot be grateful at this moment, and feel unhappy at the same time. So being grateful means you are happy, and if you are happy, then you feel positive, energetic, enthusiastic, relaxed, and optimistic.

Feelings of anger, fear, frustrations, stress, jealousy, either expire or are much diminished, when you are grateful.
Think about it. Can you feel both positive and negative emotions, at the same time? Can you? No, of course not. Which emotions would you prefer to feel from moment to moment?
Fixate on Being Grateful Throughout the Day
If you focus on being grateful throughout each day, being thankful for all the good things you already have in your life, rather than on all those things you don’t have, then you will eliminate those negative emotions that hold you back, like jealousy, unhappiness, bitterness, resentment, regrets, etc.
How do most people manage with respect to being grateful? Is it not a fact that most people live their lives on autopilot? They go through a regular day, without really thinking about what’s going on around them. They moan about this, they complain about that, they are never satisfied, they want this, they want that, and so on.
They are living their lives in a constant cycle of always wanting more, and convincing themselves they will only be happy when they have the new television, the new kitchen, the new car, the new holiday home, the new house on the hill, and so on. They are delaying that wonderful emotional state of happiness until some future date, which, of course, may never come! What’s wrong with being happy NOW, in this moment?

Surely the quickest way to happiness is being in a constant state of gratitude? Gratitude should be a continuous and constant flow, a feeling that never leaves you. You should be in a constant state of thankfulness in order to create the abundance in your life that is available to you. Spend a few minutes each hour being grateful. This is a simple activity, it feels good, and it’s fun. When you are in a state of gratitude then there is no room for resentment, jealousy, and other unpleasant feelings.
Your first thoughts on waking up, while showering, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, should be thoughts of gratitude.

This is a critical element in enjoying your life day by day, and moment by moment. All it takes to be happy now, in this moment, is to be grateful for all the good things you have in your life, in this moment, and in every moment! When you are experiencing this constant state of gratitude, and you are, therefore, continually in a state of happiness, the Law of Attraction is now clear to work in your favour because you are vibrating constantly at a high frequency.

By enjoying every moment, you are able to express gratitude. This means switching off the autopilot, being present each moment, being aware that you are alive, healthy, and conscious of the beauty all around you.

So accepting and building the attitude of gratitude into your life will help you attract more things into your life to be grateful for, and you will be able to have everything you want to have, be whatever you want to be, and do everything you want to do.

Be Grateful For What You Have Not Yet Received
When you give thanks for what you want in advance, you are transmitting very powerful signals out into the universe. When you visualize achieving what you want, with vivid images and dynamic emotions, and you express and feel gratitude as if you have already received, then you speed up the process of manifesting that which you want to have, be, and do.
Most people seem to be totally unaware of the incredible power that the Law of Gratitude can give them.

5 Ways To Attract More Abundance By Being Grateful…

Being grateful on a daily basis for just one week is clinically proven to have had benefits lasting for six months or more by studies by clinical psychologists in the academic field of positive psychology. Spiritual masters have known and advocated gratitude for literally millenia. Personal development gurus also state that gratitude is a practice works for success, happiness and abundance.

But how do you “be grateful?” The simple answer is do the opposite of being ungrateful or feeling that there is nothing to be grateful for. There are always millions of reasons to be grateful. The opportunity for gratitude is limitlessly abundant. You can never run out of things to be grateful for, because the universe never ceases to support you, even when it seems things are going wrong.

In fact, things seeming that they are going wrong is simply the universe pointing out that there is a big reason to be grateful! Why don’t people get the lesson and continue to act as victims of a cruel and unfair world? It is just a valuable life lesson – a lesson in gratitude. Gratitude is not limited to winning the lottery, getting on TV or passing the exams. To be grateful can mean to be abundant and rich, right now with what you have got.

I personally guarantee that around you, right now, you have more than 50 things you could be grateful for. You see, gratitude is a choice. Choosing to be grateful activates positive thoughts and feelings. It is even proven to improve spiritual connection by clinical psychological studies. For a start, you are reading this article at a computer most likely. Can’t you be grateful for the technology? Of course you can.

How about having food on the table? What about clothes? Do you have any friends? What if you could be grateful for those things you take for grantid? This is not an excuse to beat yourself up, or a criticism that says you “ought to be” grateful. This can be counterproductive. The old cliche of telling your children to “think of the poor starving children in Ethiopia” to get them to finish their plate never served those children in Ethiopia. If anything it taught children to stuff themselves beyond their physical need, worse yet created food addictions and obesity.

What this article is saying is that if you do choose to be grateful, even and especially, starting with the small things, that maybe have been taken for grantid, then increased happiness in some capacity is actually guaranteed if it is formed into a daily habit over the course, preferably of 21 days or more. If you don’t know how to be grateful, start today. If you have ANY worries in your life, start being grateful today. It will powerfully shift your focus allowing those problems that you have been holding onto to be resolved by you or dissolved by you…

Probably the best way to start the habit of gratitude in a world that is dominated by a media negativity for a majority of people is to get pen onto paper. This will get your cortical brain working again and take you out of the arousal state into calm composure. You’ll be thinking again. Getting down on paper 10 things that you could be grateful for – even if you feel there is nothing to be grateful for is like planting a seed that will alter your destiny. Maybe the changes will be subtle at first, but there will be changes.

Here is an example gratitude list of small and big things that anyone could be grateful for, especially when your holding on to stuff which serves little sane or real purpose in order to complain, to worry or to gain sympathy for the problem that noone created but you in the first place. This is a random list. It is advised that you make your own list. Starting now. Right now. Not later. Not when you’ve finished the article, checked your email or anything else. But right now. Put gratitude into action and see what it does for you.

1. Having a computer and having the time to read an article on it. 2. Food on the table all the life so far – wouldn’t be alive if that was not true. 3. Living in a country with good health care and a stable society. 4. Being able to improve myself using a proven technique – gratitude 5. To be able to be grateful just for nature – not needing material riches in order to be happy – happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy today 6. Cashflow and having the money to be able to do what I want if I really choose to do it 7. Hands, arms, legs, feet, eyes, ears, voice that work well. 8. Knowledge about X subject 9. A family that loves and cares about me. 10. Movies that have cost millions to make that I can watch for a minute fraction of that cost

Ok, its possible that not all of those do apply to you, but for the majority of people, most of those things are fairly modest things to be grateful for. You see, you can always be grateful. Not because you should or you ought. Not because God will punish you if you are not grateful. But because it will increase your own personal abundance, success and happiness. Do it for you! Be grateful today and everyday and watch how your life begins to improve in every area.

One last thing. Let’s say you’ve got a really bad challenge on at the moment that seems like it just cannot be resolved. Maybe its a longstanding health issue, or maybe you’ve been stuck in a self created or “natural disaster” created financial situation that has been bugging you. Sometimes, these seemingly unfortunate events can be completely turned around when looking for the good in the situation. Ask youself: what in this situation could I be grateful for? Keep digging for answers to this question and similar other questions…

In this way you will find positive and start off on a new track towards the already expansive realms of solution – and excitement, enthusiasm, peace of mind and joy, instead of into the expanding problem and what comes with it – anxiety, unhappiness, frustration etc. Maybe it is an opportunity for you to learn. Or to meet someone, or to get your life finally into gear in the way you really wanted. Maybe the challenge will enable you to help others once you have got through it yourself. The more reasons you can find to be grateful, right here and now, the more quickly you will find a way to resolve your challenge in a way that is for your highest good. Surprise yourself today by making a big list of things you could feel gratitude about and cultivate those feelings of gratitude. You’ll find gratitude is a pleasure rather than a pain. And a gift rather than a chore. Go for it!