Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose with Dr. Wayne Dyer

In Dr. Dyer’s free video series, he shares profound spiritual lessons he’s discovered in living from that place of infinite intelligence within and how living in the light provides positive changes in our lives. In this powerful video, you’ll learn the biggest regret of the dying as written by Bronnie Ware in The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Do you wish you had the courage to live the life you know you are destined to live? Dr. Dyer shares two very personal moments that completely changed the course of his life. Both of these moments were occurred because he listened to those inner callings we all have. After listening to the infinite wisdom, his life began to change in profound and positive ways. What he discovered on his journey was we all came here with a purpose, with something greater to accomplish. We are not the physical body we inhabit but are part of the infinite intelligence of all creation.

Marianne Williamson’s Tribute to Wayne Dyer

Thank you Marianne for your beautiful tribute to our Brother Wayne. I send my Heart to his family who are missing his physical being though I know and I am sure they know he is with them in Spirit

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